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  1. I hate being right and I wish this would RV more than you know. We get so frustrated with the Okies, Possums, GET Teams, and others that it influences are rational decision making. Some of my comments have been off colored and some very hurtful and this is not the person I a or who I want to be. Take care all of you and God Bless...
  2. UofIGay, thanks for your comment....My life is great, thanks. Have more Kool Aid
  3. ....Lets see what you have to say in May of 2012
  4. Do you guys know how many times this site has been hacked? This rate is NOT REAL....
  5. Possum, Okie, Possum, Okie, Okieposs, Possokie, Pussookie ....Always wrong, prasing God and living like a sinner, what a piece of work you are..
  6. I stopped by to visit the site and noticed a lot of new advertisments.......It would appear Adam is betting on the NO RV line at the craps table...
  7. Who said this guy was a prophet anyway?
  8. same posts over and over with the same replys over and over and over.......Snap out of it !!!
  9. What the heck is this about Heavy? Usually a person would submit a resume when applying for a position. Wipe that stuff of your nose
  10. Probably faking employee payroll.....Flaming morons over there and this is what we have invested in..
  11. Sorry, but this television appearance is a lie..An announcement of this magnatude and importance would get front page billing in all Iraqi and middle east newspapers and stations. Search for yourself....
  12. This is what I have been saying....They have no idea what the hell is going on. These guys know one thing, how to get something for nothing and they're playing the rest of the world. This is only the tip, watch what they uncover in the weeks to come.
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