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  1. For what it is worth - Supposedly Iraq's CBI has decided today to "float" the IQD... Allegedly the US Treasury Department has said no more sales of IQD in USA after January 13 over concerns of speculator run-ups... Checked - currently trading better at [uSD/IQD - US Dollar Iraqi Dinar 1163.45 -1.55 (-0.13%) 2:25:30 GMT] (note to newbies- a lower IQD number is better for US holders) Follow the rate here: Follow the news/hype here: no promises - just prayers - gg
  2. Let's remember that the CBI and the Iraqi Government Treasury are two distinct entities. Let's remember that the CBI is a "private" Central Bank, owned by the same people that own the Bank of England and the US Federal Reserve. Let's remember that it is Iraq, not the CBI, that is subject to Chapter 7 UN sanctions. Let's remember that the CBI's function is to loan money to the Iraqi Government and print Dinar in exchange for Government Bonds (promises to pay - someday) Let's remember that the purpose of all private central banks is to take control of a a country and its assets via un-repayable debt that the bank never asks for back. Let's remember that the CBI and all private central banks only want to be able to secure equitable title control of a country and hold the politicians hostage via the debt. Let's remember that the UN set up a trust account in NYC to hold all Iraq's money (except for the oil-for-food program). Let's remember that this money does not show up on any country's balance sheet, because it is "in trust", property of Iraq, and protected. Let's remember tho that the Banks are using those Iraqi funds on deposit as the source of their minimum deposit requirement to loan out 10X fractional bank loans to the world. Let's remember that as long as all of Iraq's money is sent to another "special" private bank account in NYC, Iraq has no control of their funds. Let's remember that all of this Iraqi money is generating interest since the early 90's. Let's remember that the world's big banks are still buying up the earth - with what? Let's remember that upon full release from Ch 7 and settlement with Kuwait, all the remaining money will flow directly into the Iraqi Treasury, not the CBI. That would allow Iraq to discharge any Bonds they have given to the CBI in exchange for printed Dinar. That would mean that Iraq wold be debt free. The Big Banks that own the CBI do not want an Iraq that is not in debt to them - no control or equitable title to their oil. So you wonder what the hold up is???? Imagine. If I recall correctly, these cloistered funds are quite enough to put Iraq back on the map and fund a full restoration and recovery. If you were the head of the Rothschild/Rockefeller banking cartel - would you be any big hurry to see Iraq get back to normal??? Remember who plays the tune that all politicians dance to... Best! gg
  3. Hey - we got Seals and SS black-ops choppers doing unannounced troop drops in the middle of various Chicago neighborhoods and even on Lake Shore Drive in the middle of traffic - fully armed - just to get reay to kill us when the NATO club comes to town... Betcha that all the Chicago native troops are doing duty in some other place on earth - couldn't have a boy shoot his mom - could we... SICK OF THIS! gg
  4. I checked the history of the USD over the past 50 years... Have to tell ya... IT HAS LOPPED 10 TIMES ALREADY! (apx 200 times less value in the past 100 years) NO BS! Check yourself... -gg
  5. - I think it is fair to say that IQD is an internationally recognized currency - Otherwise why the heck is the WB/IMF even talking to them??? Think about it... It is just NOT an internationally TRADED currency. It has a relative fixed value based upon the "current" International Petrodollar (A.K.A. USD per BBL) Trading implies that it has the ability to go up and down with bids/puts in the market, etc Traded currencies are technically less stable than fixed currencies because their value is based on international buyers' perceptions with respect to other currencies and comodoties - AND a "cartel" of large foreign enemies (Rockefellor/Rothschild anyone?) can (especialy against smaller countries) totally derail and inflate OR devalue an enemy's currency through market and media manipulation. That said - the IQD has been a solid placeholder for all of us - almost as good as gold! Let's chill and wait for the thrill! Best! Greg
  6. for a country with so much gas - they seem to love the "brake pedal" perhaps "until further notice" means on the day they do it? go RV gg
  7. if they want a civil war that anyone will pay attention to - they better hurry up before Israel attacks Iran and steals all the prime time news slots....
  8. Love the spirit of Ron Paul - he makes the Marines blush with envy! It is so bleepin' sad that our fellow American People would rather vote in the PAC and Bank supported ZOMBIE (of either party) than one of our own big hearted, tough minded - no BS - God lovin' compatriots. I feel like we will get what we deserve - 300 Million people signing their own death warrants! As for me - I quit! I'll just hang out as a defenseless sovereign in original jurisdiction and pray that at leat one or two judges recognizes my status as a freeman on the land with certified Land Grant in hand.... Unfortunately my little acre will not be protected from fallout and crazed, panicing people... and the police and military will be helpless amidst the millions of folks running through the streets - except for carpet bombing America into broken submission.... God save us!
  9. Sarge - I love when us old farts speak up and say what we know +1 pal someday the kids will sit there with theri lil heads spinnin askin what happened and we'll just smile and say... I dunno, get me another Iced Tea.... gg We will have the last laugh Randall! Greg
  10. for pete's sake al least get your acronym right LLC not Lcc (Limited Liability Company) and guess what - an LLC has no taxes - it is a pass-through to the owners of the LLC Each LC owner gets taxed at their own rate WHO the F is the owner of your LLC determines if there are any taxes and how much I know the answer and it cost me $10K in training I ain't giving it away for free... gg
  12. OK just beause I don't think it has ever been revealed - JUST WHO are the members of the Paris Club???? Who are these guys that forgave zillions in debt? What did they get in return? (perhaps a controlling interest in Iraq's land or reserves for the future???) thanks! gg
  13. Guys - maybe this is the basis of all the talk from Iraq about corruption....??? Not stealing funds directly - but rather Executives using their positions to secure loans and deals and skimming off the top... Good thing that never happens here in the USA... we just make it legal for them to steal.... ROFL!
  14. Yup Stryker - Have also suggested there are zillions in hiding. All they ever discuss is the "budget" and what is in the CBI. They never discuss what is in all the protected reserves or the Iraq treasury. If we were sitting at a table playing poker with Iraq, we'd notice that their sleeves were "buldging" with another 3 decks worth of cards... Call it coy, clever or cheating, but you definitely noticed that "somebody" has more cards than meets the eye...! Hopefully we will all benefit when Iraq stands up and the extra cards fall to the floor.... Have a great day! Greg +1 Stryker for the analysis +1 to Yota too for the post
  15. Wow - this sets up a bunch of so-called creditors to lose their shirts and a bunch of people to go to jail. If Iraq government Executives signed agreements or loans from international companies/banks and foreign countries - IN VIOLATION OF IRAQ'S CONSTITUTION - and wthout expressed authority - Then those deals are null and void and those holding the useless contracts have no legal recourse upon the Governement of Iraq. So Iraq would escape any debt in those agreements. What most people do not understand is that in countries where The People (individually and collectively) ARE the Sovereign and establish for themselves a democratically elected government to represent their Sovereignty: that House of Representatives / Parliament or similar body which they elect IS "The Government". The Executive (President or PM) is NEVER the Government. The Executive only "executes the orders given to him by "The Government". (EVEN HERE IN AMERICA!) So.... Any individual Executives acting outside their legal fiduciary authority would be personally liable for any such debts. Such action would also be "treason" and would be grounds for immediate impeachment too.... In the M/E that might also result in a death sentence. Can't wait to see if they act on this or sweep it under the rug... gg
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