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  1. Before anyone thinks they know what this Stansberry says buy what I wrote, you should listen !
  2. HI all, I've been here at DV's for over one year, I have learnd a lot about many things to do with money and investments after the RV. George Robinson said IQD would RV before now! oh well, he also said "SILVER" % would go up higher than "GOLD"%. So if you have about 30 minutes to spare - listen to this sales pitch for a news letter. This guys name is Porter Stansberry with Stansberry and associates, he is very clear and acurate (acording to him) on all his predictions. Even though this is regarding investiments and says nothing about the IQD spificly he does talk about other currencies an
  3. I still say that the USA is in control until we are not, after all the USA has troops and some control over Germany, Japan, S. korea. When Islama bama feels that the RV can help him get re-elected is when we will see the RV IMOS
  4. So sounds like the USA is in charge yet !
  5. So this was posted today - Sunday - banks are open on Sunday? RUMORS
  6. If the world currencies drop a bunch, then $8-16 could be posible
  7. I have not heard anyting other than what has been said on this sight. When Glen Beck knows all that he thinks he should know, thats when he will state his opinion, he like to be correct ! We all here should find his email and email him and put IRAQI DINARS in the subject box along with our questions.
  8. Thanks for your posting of this video. If anybody is board, listen to all eight parts, very unrealistic but interesting Why did our country after so many years run a test of the emergency brodcasting system anyway?
  9. GB new it's time for the RV so he bought them out
  10. The invading country is in control until it's not! I don't think the trigger has been pulled yet.
  11. With all the recent propaganda (news & rumors) by them and us, it look like it's beginning to look like last Christmass again here at DV. The troops are leaving, important meetings are going on and indicators never thought of like the "loan agreements to be paid back with the same currency" " NOW!" really are unbelievable yet very believeable after all this time. Having been fooled so many times before due to my ignorance on currency, propaganda and politics and this administrations syndroms, I do believe the USA is mostly in control of the timing of the RV. We now are in charge of the IM
  12. Everything about this investment is a rumor or propaganda, so thanks for the intel or your great imagination it's very entertaining GO RV
  13. I had not seen this post before, so thanks! I love indicators and this is one I never would have thought of in a million years, can anyone out there think of other out of the box indicators? NOW !
  14. Well LOP this! There has never been this same set up for a currence in history of this world, so if you think you know "JUST" what is going to happen then you must be the one in control
  15. Wow this all sounds great ! Can your Uncle ask the Bush's about the RATE, the LOP, the date of the RV , well "it's going to RV this week end", so how long does a RV take to start and finish before WE can cash in? one minute? one hour? one day ? one week ? OR ONE SECOND !
  16. This country was made by God and started by God loving people
  17. Well if the 25,000 dinar is devalued to 25 then we are only aloud three months to turn our investment then that would suck, that is the only bad thing about this investment. On the other side of the coin, if we are not required at short set time then we are good to GO RV when ( some day ) it hits 3.22 -over three times our investment like the other local countries. THE SKY is always falling in someones mind. GO RV
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