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  1. I committed to the dinar investment a long time ago and if your anything like me... you've probably come across a post or two that really ticked you off haha. I know I have, I'm probably the worst one!!! HAHA Made me think, TOP 5 Most FRUSTRATING things about this investment? Just the teeth grinding, hair pulling, language inducing things that have really drove you up the wall haha. p.s. you don't have to do all 5 Whenever I hear "Boots on the Ground" Guru's who say they cannot share certain parts of intel after the just spilled some entire story People who are friends of a friend of a friend who married a soldier who lives in Iraq and just called his sister saying RV on tuesday Dr. Shabibi Okie Oil Man... GTFO
  2. oh how i miss the thanksgiving train haha
  3. wow. this site is completely ridiculous. People just want to believe anything they want to see. It is completely outrageous that 32 people like this guys post even though he has nothing to do with the dinar. No credible information, just some ridiculous post that say $5 and this week. I honestly think the worst thing that can happen to america right now is to have all these people actually make money off the dinar.
  4. this is so retarded. "maybe if I write like its an incoming message from outerspace everyone will remember all the super secret scenes from the movies and people will think their translators in Iraq getting the top priority intel". *Acchheemmm* let me try. I.......cant tell you....... when.....or...where....or why.....or what......about the dinar..............I can only........tell you........ that.......their........are people..........or robots...........or Guru bounty hunters.............that keep track ......of everything i............say......... but it seems.........they the .........internet........ lol this is why I only come through the rumors section once a month. Just to get a couple of laughs.
  5. *zips up flame suit* Well I have to say, when I first got into this investment a little over a year ago I was all over the Rumors threads. for about 6-8 month I was checking everyday, So excited to see "popular" posts with lots of likes. Probably around 10 times I thought the RV was %100 sure going to happen within 24 hours. We were going to be sitting on $3+ for our dinar. I believed this based on the posts that our "gurus" were saying. I refused to believe that they were just saying these things because they were getting "PAID" to say these things. But that is simply the truth. They are getting Paid to hype up this stuff. Since then I have decided to stop looking at the Rumors posts and start only occasionally reading the news. And ever since I have started doing that and following Adams chats, I have actually started to learn the truth about this investment. This investment is not days or even weeks close to ending. It never has been. This is something that I believe WILL happen, but not anytime soon. Today I decided to look back at the Rumors section for the first time in along time just too see where its at. It LITERALLY look the EXACT same as when I left it all those month ago. Their is still some guy preaching about a $4+ RV coming soon with NO evidence and no source. He just says, " Hey RV NEWS! Its gonna be 4+" and everyone is loving it. People that NEED to hear something, Will believe it from ANYONE. Friends, I urge you too stop reading these silly claims. Even Adam Montana says he doesnt even bother reading through the Rumors section. Follow his weekly news, and stop obsessing over the lies people are spreading. I know Im going to get bashed for this kuz Its a fact that it is in human nature get defensive when someone disagrees with what they believe in. Heres my advice, Take DinarVets off your bookmark bar, Check back on Wednesdays for some real information from our leader. Please dont move this Thread. THe people who need to see this dont look anywhere, because I didnt either when I first started. Thanks for your time, bring on the heat <3 DinarVets -Pete
  6. not to be rude, but i hate when people say 1 to 1. Kuz that could bean two COMPLETELY different things. either 1 USD to 1 IQD good news or LOP to 10,000 IQD = 10 IQD bad news its up in the air everytime
  7. do u think well see the answers tomorrow? and if passed, what do you guys think about when it would go into effect, if not immediately.
  8. what foul necromancy was used to bring back this thread
  9. adam. ive been here for almost a year now. and im a ex "rumor forum" addict. (sober for about 5 months now..praise Jesus) Youve been the only guy ive ever trusted on here. And i know that Iraq is retarded in these types of situations. But i think you were better off before you started predicting dates haha. But im still a believer and im in it for the long run. whether or not it hits this weeek. But still thanks for all you work
  10. you probly lose your faith becuase everyday you read the RUMORS SECTION. get out of there. its full of lies. this isnt a quick investment, people are too focused on when it will change and what will happen when it does. Just put them away, and forget you ever had them . if your going to read anything just read the news section ive been here since January and people like Okie have been saying its already RVd every single day. your foolish to even read what he has to say,
  11. pigs have to be the 8th wonder of the world . They can eat anything, and turn it into Bacon
  12. its so funny how completely different the News threads are from the Rumors threads. Its literally Truth this way <------ or ------> Lies that way
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