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  1. Well I have to say it is the first time we have seen any proof that things are changing that we can actually see!! CBI went from 1170 to 1166 and if you go to forex pro about half way down the page it says that IQD went from fixed to float. Thats pretty cool to me!!
  2. You know folks are going to bash good intel as much as they are bad. No matter what anyone says, good or bad, there will be someone who knows better, or more. Your post ( to me ) is probably the most sensible one i have read in a while. Everyone keeps running down people that dont say anything but this week, or tomorrow, or 48 hrs, or whatever they want to hear that week. But most intel to this point about it RVing weekly has been absolutely 100% wrong up to this very point from this time last year ( when I started following ) till now. I am so sick of reading " Im not hearing anything negat
  3. I love to read encouraging stories as much as anyone. But as this last year has come and gone, most encouraging stories lead to discouragement in the end. They have been trying my patience with the dinar world and its investment. I read all of the sites stuff, the same s most that are looking or any news at all about Dinar. I have gotten irritated more than once with some of the GURUs on all of the sites. Even when I stopped going to the sites, somebody brings them in here and posts them so that all can read and voice opinions or sarcastic responses to the posts. No way to avoid the Gurus or
  4. Thank you for being kind. You are one of few here. It does say opinions and perspectives on the heading doesnt it? Just my opinion, I am not trying to take anyone elses away from them. No im not selling my Dinar, Im just not going to follow it like I had been for sure. It was a waste of valuable time! Blessings to you and Merry CHRISTmas!
  5. Before you start giving me thousands of negs, I found my other post. My fault. Those who are kind thank you, those who are not,get help!
  6. LOL heres your first clue! If you were soooo sure of your investment, you would offer twice what you paid! Just because I joined DV in August doesnt mean I am new to the investment. Even if i were you v=can do a tremendous amount of backtracking and research to see what I have said is true. I do believe it will revalue, just a little at a time, and not the way we want it to.
  7. I am a realist. I want to know the truth, always have. But im afraid I got caught up on the Guru train, until I took a two week vacation in Jamaica. I got back yesterday, and realized that things are exactly the same as when I left. The news is the same the crap is the same. I guess I have managed after clearing my head, to realize that I was being an idiot to even believe any of it. Some will not like, or appreciate what I have to say, but heres my take. After many Gurus have come, been proven wrong and new ones have taken the spot they had, all are full of it! Do you not think that people wh
  8. I just returned from two weeks vacation in the Jamaica. Spent some time clearing my head from work, news, and worries of the world. I realized something, Things on the dinar after two weeks of being away, have not changed a bit. In fact, I realized that I had been conditioned to believe the crap these Gurus have been spreading. I know now that this whole revaluaton of the dinar thing is a boatload of CRAP. If anyone was thinking otherwise, just go back three months and see how many have told you the same thing week after week after week. Throw them out one by one, after two or hell lets say th
  9. Why pound on the Gurus? Holding them accountable for what they say is not pounding! Untruth is untruth. Old school says a mans word is his bond. Wanna know whats happend in our country? We stopped holding people ( including presidents and gov. officials) accountable for what they say. When we start, we will solve a great deal of issues! Just sayin
  10. 1st off, this is an older post, I wish it werent, but it is. My greatest suggestion for you is to continue doing your own research. The MOST grounded intel comes from ADAM. Stay AWAY from the guru sites. They will frustrate you to no end. 2nd off it has johnnywg in the conversation, that in itself makes the whole thing worthless. He hasnt told the truth in anything i have seen him post. He has called this thing to rv a hundred times by tomorrow.
  11. All anybody has to do around here to find out how bad the bashing is on this site is to post something positive. My gosh I just read a post where someone was talking about a phone call they got and the negs ate him alive!! they acted like he stole something from them. God man all this guy did was relay a story. YOU DONT KNOW WHAT HAPPENED FOR SURE EITHER! So it makes you just as bad for responding with hate! If you dont believe it, then move on and read something else. I get just as tired of the BS stories as anyone else but you need to be bashing johnnywg and bear and bulldog and those peopl
  12. MAn I get tired of hearing that!! Sooner as opposed to later than WHAT? is an open ended statement. I means absolutely nothing. That could mean sooner than 2015 as opposed to later than 2015. Dont mean to bash you but damn we can avoid using that one i think
  13. I guess since folks are new here they cant have had any other experiences in life? Come on they didnt just hatch yesterday when they logged on here. It is also possible like me to have been reading these posts for years without being logged on. Give the guy a break! There is always somebody there waiting to criticize. Jeeeezzz
  14. ( A little bit of correction on the phrasing there. Just for my own sake. Oh the name I chose had nothing to do with Dinar! I know where I am called and I am not weak in that faith. I am prepared for the day the Lord says is coming. Make no mistake about it. I am full in that faith. I have done my share of research, probably more than most on any site. I know that there are many positive news articles, but I also know whos hand many people put their faith in. Maliki , Shabibi and the rest are only a few who seem to be in control. But just the same as in our government, there are many string pu
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