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Current list of Banks that sell physical Dinar

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Hi Everyone!! I guess I should post this some place else but did not see a thread for it. Maybe more important than asking what banks sell Dinar, is the question, which ones sell and are going to exchange Dinar for Dollars when it Rv's. I say this because all of the banks mentioned in the forums and chats, in my eastern pa area, do not intend (they say) to exchange the monies. It is my intention to go to one of Ali's offices and do my exchange but if a local bank with a decent exchange rate is near me here in eastern pa, I could exchange half and half so as to diversify a little and not have any issues with putting all my eggs in one basket. Any help is always appreciated.

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Hi cbb007,

Ali is the owner of Dinar Trade Inc. I, along with many persons associated with the Dinar, have purchased Dinar through him. None of my local banks sell Dinar at any rate near what he sells it for. His service is excellent. He guarantees his Dinar as real with every purchase and no on has had a complaint about him that I am aware of. He plans to set up offices in key areas of the country to exchange Dinar for US currency while charging a substantially reduced rate versus banks. I have checked with eight banks in the area where I live. None sell Dinar except one and it is at a ridiculously high rate. None state they will exchange unless again, you leave it with them for periods of time up to two weeks. Here is his link. He answers all emails with in 24 hours.

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Hi Rose,

Did you talk with anyone in particular at TD bank as they were the ones that sell it but at a high rate. Would you be so kind as to list what you are able to buy it for and did they guarantee they would exchange when this thing FINALLY rvs. thanks

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