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  1. gonna go Egypt on em if they don't.......
  2. Chickenhunter......I messed up I thought the chicken plucker was bad. Bit is it true about the contracts? I have been wondering about that.
  3. So he says he has these plans. So how, pray tell, does he plan to pay for it? If you're gonna make the scene, you gotta have the green.
  4. Check : Killing the irs is a top tea party priority. See the above.
  5. A friend told me about that shout out. Seems like the real thing.
  6. So how bout we ditch the fed? I will also agree that non- backed currency is done.
  7. Because it gives our people- the ones who actually EARNED this- some legit hope and change.
  8. When someone tells me men don't cry, I plan to send them this. I am the ripe old age of 41. Semper fi
  9. good lord!!!! How dumb does this guy think his people are?!?!?!??! They dont care about the salary of the pm, they care that there are no jobs!!!!RV your currency baldy!
  10. You are giving honest cheese heads a bad name. I didn't know that pagan, er, kagan was the one blocking the eligibility process. with the corruption in the regime, it shouldn't be that much of a surprise. Who or what is urban legends? Are they a credible reporting source? Doesn't sound like it. WND is the worlds largest independent online news paper. I called boehner's office last week regarding certification. We all know about Huckabee, palin, romney, and Cain (all of romney's positives, none of the negatives. Plus he's black. Love it). What about Obama? His office choked out yes, he woul
  11. this is one of the reasons I am convinced this recession is over in 2012. The other bieng the fairtax. All we have to do then is help the envirocommies to move to Russia.
  12. Adam, what do your sources have to say about egypt?
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