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Current list of Banks that sell physical Dinar

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On 11/5/2020 at 7:27 AM, salvo said:

Any update on safe places to buy Dinar online?

I've used some Ebay dealers.  Everything turned out fine...assuming they aren't counterfeit anyway!  LOL!

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That's the issue with buying from diverse individuals.  I try to get mine only from verifiable dealers or businesses with good reputation and Ebay protection.  Without a De Larue to run them through, there's no 100% guarantee.

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5 hours ago, thehotdogguy said:

How would you know if they were counterfeit ...just curious..😎

I would recommend educating yourself on the real Dinar. 
Google is a wonderful tool for learning new things. 
eBay is where I’ve been buying my Dinar for many years. The first thing I do when I open an envelope is count the notes, second thing is hold them up to the light to make sure the horse head is there. 
There are several other security features to look for like the strip running through it. 
This is not rocket science for sure but like other things buyer beware...

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It has been stated that the NEW IQD is one of the most advanced and hardest to counterfeit currencies in the world.  IMO, that just gives credence to it's future value.  Why would anyone invest that kind of capital in a physical currency that's worth less than a role of TP?!

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There used to be a place in San Marcos where you could go in and buy some. I think it was through Dinar Inc. Not sure if they are still there. Hope this helps.

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