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Current list of Banks that sell physical Dinar

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Went to BOA in Tulsa and was told they do not deal with dinar. A month ago, at the same bank, I was told that they do. Maybe next month they will change their minds again. I also went to Bank of Ok in Tulsa and they do deal with dinar. However, they said that they had a customer come in a two months ago and order some dinar and they have not received them from their source as of today. They do not know when they will be receiving them. Their source is having a hard time getting dinars. I ordered some dong from them and will be receiving them by next Monday.

i went to sapulpa bok and they said that as of march 1st bok no longer sell iqd..i bout my last set through them..if you find out,please drop me a line and let me know who around tulsa sells them..thanks

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TD Bank...I'm in NJ and they're all over, but they're in the northeast and some in Florida. Check to see if there's one by you. Go to customer service rep., tell them you want to buy f

Let's keep an updated list of Banks that sell the physical Iraqi Dinar. I just checked with 5/3 in Chicago and they currently DO sell Iraqi Dinar. They did inform me that the policies vary from branch

Ali from Dinar Trade is selling Dinar

if you live in Oklahoma or Arkansas area, Arvest bank is the only place i found to buy dinar... If you have a preffered account with them, it is free to exchange money... message me, if you want name of person, and number of bank that i deal with.... she is very good, and professional ... .... please message me if you want to use them, they have a deal going for month of june... if I refer someone to them and they open an account, we both get $25 each ... :)

when is the last time you checked,i live close to sapulpa and that would help out alot..thanks

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5/3 Bank

Missouri Avenue Financial Center

1698 Missouri Ave

Clearwater, FL 33756


NO Banks is SC...Have a friend driving around Beaufort area as I post this. Wachovia, BB&T, SCBandT, Regions,BoA.....No one so far. BoA said they did but no more!!!

Will keep updating SC locations if there are any.

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Fort Campbell Credit Union

Bldg. 88 Michigan Avenue

Ft. Campbell, Ky.


$1062.00 per million.......must have an account....can open account with $5.00

Takes about 3 or 4 days to receive......You can request the denomination you would like to have.

They will cash you out at time of rv but they DO NOT have a da-la-rue machine

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Yes they do. All I've been to in South GA anyway...

I know this is a bank update thread but I want to let you know the de la rue makes a plethora of equipment that services the banking industry. Chances are that the machines you're referring to are counting/sorting/packing and not the ones referred to when discussion authenticating currency.

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TD Bank Available Currencies

AED United Arab Emirates Dirham

AUD Australian Dollar

BBD Barbados Dollar

BMD Bermuda Dollar

CAD Canadian Dollar

CHF Swiss Franc

CYP Cyprus Pound

CZK Czech Koruna

DKK Danish Kroner

EUR Euro

GBP Great British Pound

HKD Hong Kong Dollar

HUF Hungarian Forint

INR Indian Rupee

ILS Israeli Shekel

JMD Jamaican Dollar

JPY Japanese Yen

MXN Mexican Peso

NOK Norwegian Kroner

NZD New Zealand Dollar

PKR Pakistan Rupee

PHP Philippine Peso

PLN Polish Zlotych

SAR Saudi Riyal

SEK Swedish Kroner

SGD Singapore Dollar

THB Thai Baht

TRY Turkish (new) Lira

USD United States Dollar

XCD Eastern Caribbean Dollar

ZAR South African Rand

TD Bank (Jefferson Valley, NY - Westchester County) sold me dinar...banker was VERY interested to know why soooo many people were interested in such a "dead currency" lol...came in 2 days...

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I have recently placed and received 3 orders of Dinar at First Convience Bank found in some WalMarts in the DFW area and perhaps elsewhere. The first two orders had around 33% of the bills marked or torn. On the third order I requested no marked or torn notes and still 5 notes out of 40 were torn, taped, or maked. I do not recommend them because of all the hasle I have gone through to get bank notes that are not marked or torn.

I was paying around $1047 per million which is an OK rate.

A friend of mine recommended this bank and had no problem receiving good notes earlier in the year. But that is not the case as of April 2011. The last order took me over 2 weeks to receive.

The delivery is very slow. The quality of the notes is very poor.

Perhaps they can not get better notes from their bank out of Ireland.

In the future, I will go with who usually delivers the next day with uncirculated notes. Sure I am paying a little more. But if the RV is significant, this slight increase is worth staying away from questionable notes that may not be accepted.


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Share on other sites usually delivered with in 2 days they give you tracking number and tell you when to expect it, and you can do COD, once you you place your order price is gauranteed.

Adam said BANKS, not money exchangers. You risk looking like a pumper saying DT.

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