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  1. I have 1 million dinars I need to sell. Willing to take $800.00 for it. Need to pay bills. Email me at jmthayes@yahoo.com if interested. Serious inquiries only please.
  2. I am located in memphis, tn. Let me know if you are interested. They are in Mint Condition!!!!
  3. I have 1 Million dinars for sale. They are uncirculated notes I bought from DT.They are in perfect condition!! If you are interested please email me at jmthayes@yahoo.com. I really need to pay a house note and this is my only option at the moment. Have a blessed day!! Also accepting donations if you don't want to buy my dinars :)/>/>
  4. I am bam. Will buy more when things get better if it doesn't r v before then. Just don't wAnt to lose my home waiting. May God Bless You and Your Family!
  5. I have 2 million uncirculated dinars for sale for 950. I had a buyer back out so nows the time benefit. I bought them from dinar trade 4 years ago. I wouldn't be selling but I am behind on bills due to husbands company downsizing. Don't want to lose my house. If interested please email me at b1mccormick@yahoo.com. If you want more than 2 million I have another million I would consider selling also.
  6. My mistake..... It is 975 per million. LOL 975 per thousand would be very pricey. Thanks for the call out.
  7. I another 3 million dinars for sale. They are authentic uncirculated 25K bills I bought from DT 4 years ago. I need to sell some because my husband lost his job and we need to paya couple of house notes. If you buy the whole lot I will sell them for $950.00 per million. If not they are $975 per thousand. I will pay shipping and insurance. Please email me at b1mccormick@yahoo.com for more information. Paypal only. My family really appreciates it.
  8. I have 3 million authentic uncirculated dinars bought from DT for sale will take 950 per million. PayPal or certified check or money order. Send me an email at b1mccormick@yahoo.com.
  9. Sold!!!! One thing u learn throughout life is there are no guarantees... I like everyone else, have bills to pay and mouths to feed. My family is most important in my life and without them, all the money in the world is irrelevant. Good luck to all!!
  10. I have 875k uncirculated Iraqi Dinars for sale for $850.00 USD. PayPal only unless you live in the Memphis Area. Email me at b1mccormick@yahoo.com if interested.
  11. I am going to think positive!!!! I see it as nothing but a GOOD sign!!!!! Happy Sunday everyone!!
  12. I have been unable to pull up the UN Operational Rates of Exchange. Is anyone else having this problem? Here is the link http://treasury.un.org/
  13. Call me stupid, but I am not understanding something. If we expect iqd to be comperable to kwd, why is everyone saying it Rv at 3 bucks? Kwd is only .27 to our dollar. Something isn't adding up. I am more than positive someone can set me straight on this. I am just trying to think from a realistic stand point. They are so close it wouldn't make sense for there to be such a gap in value, would it? Please explain. Thanks and GO RV!!!!!
  14. essicaja

    Bank info.

    Thanks for checking, although I don't think any of us are surprised. GO RV!!!!!!!!
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