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  1. REGUARDLESS OF GAZETTE SAYING TOMORROW BUDGET IS READ AND RETROACTIVE TO 1/1/11 BY THE GOI.............M ANNOUNCED TODAY THAT ALL THIS WILL BE DONE ON .........1/11/11. I sure hope this is our form of date 1/11/11 (January 11 2011) instead of theirs 1/11/11 (November 1 2011)
  2. OKIE OIL MAN : I FEEL THAT I LET OTHERS DOWN BY SUPPLYING INFO THAT DID NOT PAN OUT— [/b][/size][/color] Your not the only one to have done this, but i wouldn't worry about it. Same thing has happened to everyone that has tried to pin point a date/rate so far. So nothing new there. A for effort though!!! Keep'm coming......Thanks
  3. I don't wont to wait any longer either. I want it done yesterday, but what are our options? Wait and wait. Hummmm seems like we have no choice!!!
  4. Ron, Never have understood how you can get a negative mark for posting what someone said. Not like you are the one sayin it. Anyway here is you + for all your time in bringing this stuff to us. Thanks for the post, and have a Great Christmas. Take care, sidewinder615
  5. I can't tell you the best place or best prices, but by all the good news coming out........I would say you may not want to think about that stuff to long. If you do you may be to late.
  6. LOL........I like that!!!
  7. I get your point jmw, but at the same time can you prove that "Iraqi cash" meant USD's? Since it wasn't clearly one knows who is correct in this conversation.
  8. Hmmmmmmmm Very Possible!!! Thanks for shining some light on that Seff. GO RV!!!!!!
  9. Sounds like Iraqi cash isn't as worthless as a lot of people make it out to be.
  10. Thanks for posting this carlablum. It all sounds promising. Just waiting for it all to play out.
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