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The oil and gas law will be approved during the next parliamentary session, MP suggests

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1 hour ago, presence said:

Well, it's been a while since I've posted - and my copy and paste skills have faded slightly.I was attempting to quote Dinarham's post... but instead....(I digress)...


It's also been several months since the "chunky money" has been getting soaked up from the market adjustment to 1450... (It's possible my last statement is historically inaccurate and that I missed something since the date of the aforementioned, but regardless of those details other facts remain...


To date,everything time we've seen a post stating that "HCL was to be addressed in next session..."  the can has always been kicked down the road.  In fact, its been kicked so many times that it's easy to expect the can to be kicked again.


However, there is now even with even more additional pressure for a rate change -with a market that contains much less "chunky money" (thanks LaidBack.)


No matter what happens and when, the ones that have been "kicking the can" are running out of time - and shown us the extent of their greed.(I will never forget the article from 6-7 years ago that was written by an Iraqi who said Everyone in Iraq's government was corrupt-includibg the author.)


So, hypothetically, there becomes in time when the corrupt realize it's easier to raise the rate - substantially - to satisfy their greed than it is for them  to continue stealing from the rest of the population. I believe we are nearing that point.


Think about it: those in control have displayed such extreme greed over the years that a decent rate change is needed to satisfy their long-term selfish desires.


And the ones in power at the time of the latter event- will probay be praised instead of prosecuted - despite the length and extent of their own corruption - because those in need (the rest of the country) will finally  get a relief to their suffering.

Excellent summary presence, this sums it up all right here.  I'm out of pows and green arrows so please accept this! :twothumbs::twothumbs::twothumbs:

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I believe HCL then Article 140 = RV

9 hours ago, BETTYBOOP said:

Is it possible for them to float the dinar on the fprex before they pass the hcl or does the hcl need to come first?


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Allawi: the government will address the oil crisis when the oil and gas law is approved.

2021-07-04 20:03

In a statement to CNBC Arabia, Allawi said that the highest electricity production reached 20,000 megawatts. Still, the sustainability of production is a challenge for the government due to the climate and gas supplies from Iran.


Regarding the exit of foreign oil companies from Iraq, Allawi stressed that it is too early for these companies to withdraw since the Iraqi economy has great importance for them, noting that the government will address the challenges threatening the oil sector if the oil and gas law is approved.

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How Iraq and the HCL football ends. Watch till the End. I'm right. 😁🏈🦶




1 hour ago, horsesoldier said:

Shall we all commence to holding our breath?????

Yes, you should hold your breath. 😂💨

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Parliamentary legality determines the laws to be legislated for the remainder of the parliament’s life

  •  May 30, 2021
  •  29



Today, Sunday, the Legal Committee of the House of Representatives has identified the laws to be legislated in Parliament during the remainder of its life, while noting that the House of Representatives has not received any request for a ministerial change.

Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Legal Committee, Muhammad Al-Ghazi, said in a press statement, "There are many bills that have been submitted to the House of Representatives, but the remaining time is not enough to pass all laws," noting that "among the important laws is the Federal Service Council and the law of the Council of Ministers and ministries, which will be completed within In the coming weeks, it will be put on the agenda for a vote.”

He pointed out that "there are controversial laws that have disrupted more than one session, including oil and gas, and some important laws that will be carried over to the next period," explaining that "the House of Representatives suffers from a lack of a quorum, so it is not possible to pass controversial laws during the remainder of the life of the House of Representatives."

On the ministerial reshuffle, Al-Ghazi confirmed that "the government has not yet approached the House of Representatives and the Legal Committee about the existence of any ministerial change."

On May 9, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi confirmed that there is an intention to conduct a cabinet reshuffle.

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