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People Reporting that Magnets now Stick to Their Arms at Injection Site from COVID-19 Shots

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1 hour ago, Markinsa said:


WTFudge Nut Blast !   I'm going to test this on family and friends and if true, there is no way in HE double hockey sticks I will be getting this shot.

Thanks Markinsa !


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On 5/14/2021 at 7:17 PM, Markinsa said:

No offense Markinsa but magnet is the least of my worries, considering all the side affects happening and people dying. Strokes, blood clots, paralysis, headaches, joint pain and more. People with underlined health issues be cautious.  Don't follow the popular movement, when in doubt step away.  I know it's may be late for the vaccinated, but research on how to keep your body healthy or healthier!

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23 minutes ago, patrickgold said:

No offense Markinsa but magnet is the least of my worries


None taken. I just think this is an interesting perspective.  I agree with your sentiments expressed in your post.



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