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Warka Protest


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Warka Bank closed the banners of protest and 

                                                                           demonstrators sitting in front of him to demand their money

Monday 17 September
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Alsumaria News / Baghdad
Demonstrated dozens of people in front of the Warka Bank building, central Baghdad, to demand the disbursement of their money deposited in the bank. 

A reporter for Alsumaria News, said that dozens of depositors of their money in the Warka Bank demonstrated in front of the building of the central bank of Baghdad to demand the disbursement of their money. 

The correspondent added that the demonstrators closed the bank signs of protest, indicating that this demonstration is the tenth, according to demonstrators.













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Video: After more than 10 years to hold their money Warka bank depositors are demonstrating again


Wednesday, November 21,بالفيديو-بعد-أكثر-من-10-سنوات-على-احتجاز-اموالهم-م/ar?utm_source=KwikPlayer&utm_medium=KwikShare&utm_campaign=KwikMotion


After more than ten years of detention of their money, Warka bank depositors are renewing their demonstrations in front of the bank building to demand their dismissal. Four hundred million or more are the amount of money deposited for each of these people went to the unknown, while the central bank did not take any action against the bank, who described the violator. 

Warka and despite the practice of work in the currency market, but did not do justice to depositors, proving that the Central Bank is fully aware of the illegal acts carried out by the bank according to the demonstrators.


Central calls on banks not to deal with the company "INJAZ" and unlicensed companies

Araji: Banks in Iraq and trade and called for the establishment of an investment development bank

The protesters were unable to appeal to the concerned parties, which did not find any solution to them. The fate of their money is dependent on the central bank, which is supposed to put strict laws against private banks that operate without any law to protect the depositors. 

You can view the report on the video above.بالفيديو-بعد-أكثر-من-10-سنوات-على-احتجاز-اموالهم-م/ar



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2 hours ago, haymon said:

Ho hum, doesn't make me feel any better.


Aren't you glad it's just money, could be something serious like a lung or kidney I'm is certainly not anything to worry about. Just look at the people who bought millions of Dinar an then had the brains to send money to a third world country who happens to lead the world as the most corrupt countries. Yep, just money nothing serious.....

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