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Parliamentary Finance reveal edit items in the budget


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Parliamentary Finance reveal edit items in the budget, including the conversion of savings to the three presidencies and national contribution

Sunday 0.04 2 December / January 2015 18:41





Revealed in the Finance Committee member of the Committee to add and modify the terms of the draft budget for fiscal 2015 Act.


A member of the Committee Faleh sari told all of Iraq [where] that "the Committee decided to intercede for the second reading of the financial budget proposal report provides next Wednesday for the Presidency of the Council of Representatives and on the basis of which will be presented by the Presidency budget for the second reading on the same day or the next Saturday at the latest date." .


He said the "Committee will meet tomorrow to finalize its report on the budget and signed by the Chairman of the Committee and then served with the second reading of the budget proposal to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives."


He pointed to the effect that "the report of the Committee will include discounts on unnecessary expenses for some ministries and modify some of the provisions in the budget, and including in the customs exemptions to public companies that we see will affect the private sector."


"There is a modification with respect to some of the ministries of investment plans in the hot Kalanbar and Salahuddin provinces of Nineveh, which has to be a formula for the maturity of the petro-dollar project as a living and security situation an emergency, and know how to deal with them, you are placed in their own fund or be delayed for the coming years, in addition to put provisions in the budget is not permissible to buy cars and other assets for government departments. "


He noted a member of the Finance Committee that "the Committee agreed to put the idea of ​​making the savings of the three presidencies and special grades, not the employees ordinary, and contribute to the national budget support, which means that the amount of such savings is not due if the improved state revenues."


He added, "It was also agreed to reduce the necessary Alaivadat half either Relay and unnecessary courses Vakdna to prevent it permanently, as well as intermediate goods Kalqirtasah and organizing celebrations, publications, etc., also we confirmed the cancellation during the current year."


The House of Representatives resumes its sessions on Wednesday after the Parliamentary recess and is likely to start the second reading of the budget law.


The council had completed at its special session, which was held in 25 of the last month, the first reading of the draft budget law and forwarded to the Finance Committee before its lift to the seventh of this month.


The total budget size of 125 trillion dinars and a deficit of 25 trillion Danar.anthy 2.

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I will be happy with $.10:1 rate but $1:1 will be better

Go budget

Go dinar

Go strong

Let's see what happens on January 07


I must admit Laid Back, I've been enjoying your hopes and enthusiasm throughout these latest exciting times for the Dinar.....


Whiskey shot for you my bro, here's to hoping for some good news coming January 7th. Yes sir! 

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Of all the articles regarding this finance committee mtg, this one seems to be the one that makes the most sense. I think its the one that has the latest time stamp, meaning its the latest version to come out. I do know this, IMO there is a ton a smoke surrounding this budget, and much of it does not make any sense.  they have been in a hurry for this stuff to be wrapped up.  Waiting even this long does not add up. This is not the same govt like Maliki.  Its being run under Abadi with Jabouri running Parliament very efficiently.  So I do not buy into these same ole same ole Iraq statements.

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