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ISIL robs 6 billion IQD from a bank in Tikrit

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Salah-il-Din ( The gangs of the Islamic State in Iraq and Levant ISIL stole about seven Billion Iraqi Dinars (about six million US dollars) form a governmental bank in central Tikrit city, the center of Salah-il-Din province, on Wednesday, security source reported to

The source added “The gangs of ISIL stormed in the governmental Agricultural Bank of central Tikrit city and stole a cash of about IQD seven billion then they fled to unknown destination.”

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One DV'er here told me that this source is not a valid and should be re confirmed. not to falter your post Wisky, but I have stayed away from this web site for those reasons.

For example "The source added" "fled to unknown destination" etc… to me sounds a little fishie, which at one time as I say was pointed out to me.

Maybe Im wrong but just thought I would pass it on brother :twothumbs:

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