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  1. Well said i've noticed they haven't been posting as much lately. I'am not complaining about that either haha soo true... I found it very odd that when one would post they would all flock, all of them would come out of no where, very odd. I also never understood the fact that why dont they go make their own forum if they really dont like how this site is being ran. Its simple you either believe in this investment or you dont!!!
  2. Senators usually don't say these kind of things unless they can back it up. But then again barry is the worst fibber i've seen ever.By the way lindsays approval rating is alot higher than barry's.
  3. There's nothing the kurds can do about the budget it's out of their hands now. We've known for a while the last part of the hcl that needed to be done was the agreement with the kurds. great news if it sticks.
  4. How's the koolaid with Nancy and Hillarious
  5. Tom sawyer once said it's better for them to think your a fool than to open your mouth and relieve all doubt
  6. No bank will deal with the dinar until it's chapt 7 is lifted.
  7. Good one bumper. I'd don't think i could ever get that drunk to dance in a speedo.
  8. Amost 7 trillion and counting he's well on his way. With no balanced budgets since he has been president after campaigning to do so. s If this is all true.......I guess Obama owes Bush a thank you card for the 10 trillion dollar jump start to total destruction. GO RV, then BV
  9. This kind of stuff is exactly why alot of ole timers quit bringing anything to this site. Easy brings alot to this forum..It's easy to critcize people ,when you don't bring nothing to the table.
  10. Imagine that Both Socialist countrys...You don't mess around in cuba and cause any kind of trouble. Castro early in his years as dictator would not hesitate to use his police and troops and shoot anybody that was rumored to be anti-castro. Some cuban friends lucky enough to escape and come over here said his first 10 years was very bloody. They would march into homes with no trial and pull the family on the streets and shoot them in front of everybody. And then leave the bodies in the middle of the streets. Yea i would say they don't cause much trouble there. I'am sure your sad you lost a idol in chavez ,but this is one american thats glad he got this piece of @rap is gone.
  11. Yea we give them 450 million and cut are miltary budget in half. What a joke for a government
  12. It doesn't surprise me anything maliki does. He's been the main reason their country hasn't gone forward out of chapt 7.
  13. Who paid that 24,000 dollar gold lesson from tiger woods golf coach? Tax payers... Just found out that liar Barry medical Excise tax falls under sporting goods!!!!! Didn't ole Barry tell everybody he wouldn't tax one dime to the middle class. He hides it in his health care bill under medical devices. What does rod and reels tackle ect have to do with medical devices? This is just the tip of the ice berg. Cabela's is raising a stink over this
  14. You think like a westerner ,iraq will always have political problems just like libya, syria , eqypt on and on..They've done it for thousands of years.
  15. Sorry i quit long time ago. If u need weed try somewhere else.
  16. Then they need to quit kicking the can and pay up, if it's not that big of a deal.
  17. Yea socialism is working great for them. Their country is bankrupt, high gas prices and high tax's over 60% on their citizens that actually hold a job.
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