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  1. It doesn't matter squat what the articles say. We've heard them all before. This date that date - gonna do this gonna do that ... yeah? bull**** They throw around dates like they mean something only to fade away and are replaced by the next. "Gonna rv" articles, "Big surprise" articles ... "Best ramadan ever" articles .... ALL BULL**** articles !!!!!
  2. I have to agree coz 4B or 1B dinars is peanuts. That's like 4 or 1 million US$. Probably wouldn't last a week in operating expenses.
  3. we'll have Superman for president .................... or not Yeah I guess it's hard to keep up the vocals at that age ... must be at least 65 i would think. I enjoy going on You Tube and watching them as they are now .......... same with Cat Stevens .... Islam or not he's stilll great. Check it out if you're a CS fan
  4. One of my all time favorites. Saw them back around '72. They had a newer band opening called The Eagles lol. Tickets were an unbelievable $4.50. I see JT is coming to my town in Oct doing the Thick As A Brick Tour.
  5. So I guess you're as big a bozo as I am lol
  6. Yes I promise Your Majesty. By the way, about your avatar, which one of those two guys is you?
  7. huh? I see that some of you prefer a hyped-up bs "bank story" (like the rv in Feb story that was lapped up by so many). I was just wanting to know what my banks position is at this time and relayed what I was given on this board. I admit it's not exciting but it is what it is. Maybe the next story will give you the thrills you're looking for (true or not)
  8. Thank you so much for adding tremendously to the topic lolol
  9. Thank you LIBoy for your kind words and for taking the time to express them. You're Welcome KiaKaha. I wish my story could've been more exciting but I just relayed it as it happened.
  10. lol sorry next time I'll juice it up with some bs
  11. Yes it is .. Sorry I forgot to mention that.
  12. Others were reporting what their banks were saying and I was just doing the same. Why bother reading, reporting or investigating anything until it shows on CBi in that case?
  13. confirms that they will not deal in the IQD as long as Iraq is under sanctions
  14. I sent this email to RBC head office. Here is what they said. Hello Regarding foreign currencies. Does RBC have any future plans to buy/sell the IQD (Iraq Dinar). I have heard that the IQD may become an international currency in the near future. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you My name is xxxx, and I'm happy to help you with your question about IQD (Iraq Dinar).. With Iraq Dinar being from a sanctioned country, RBC does not deal with the Dinar. Sorry but I cannot say whether or not this is something that will become an option in the future. Thanks for contacting us. We'll be happy to help you again if there's anything else you'd like to discuss. Pretty much confirms what we suspected all along.
  15. Gee I wonder why BL didn't want her posts showing up here.
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