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  1. bought my dinars in Jan 2005 still see not much is going on
  2. Lets hope Iraq turns into Santa Claus and does something positive with the Dinar this coming month (not holding my breath). I paid $780 per million about 12 years ago. It would be nice to finally make a profit before these bills disintegrate into dust LOL. Thanks Adam
  3. Cronus

    A new day

    I need to be the first to get this out. My friend who is a very close friend to President Elect Trump has knowledge who will be in President Trump's cabinet. He told my friend that his first agenda as soon as he gets in office is to make Iraq RV at 1 to 1. Treat as Rumor.
  4. I take back what I said, gonna hold on to my dinars but he still wants to sell a million on his for $800 uncirculated 25K notes
  5. my friend who needs money very badly wants to sell his 1 million dinar now for $800. I told him I will kick in another million dinar at the same price to help him. reply back if anyone is interested. 25K notes and uncirculated.
  6. 1 million dinar for $900. uncirculated 25K notes. might be willing to negotiate for the right deal
  7. Selling 1,000,000 dinar for $900 Let me know if you are interested.
  8. Very sorry to hear this, my blessings to her and her family
  9. Just curious Umbertino. Is it intentional that most of your news topics started of the negative nature are usually about the US and UK or is it just a coincidence? I guess nothing of a negative nature happens in Italy. I'm sure it's just a coincidence and you don't go out of your way to find these topics.
  10. I guess we cant wear a hat with the American Flag on it also. Betsy Ross's husband owned slaves at the time.
  11. I was on Medic's private site with Breitling back around 2008 or 2009. Years get all mixed together when the dinar is involved. The guy would make me laugh. Anytime someone disagreed with him he acted like a little baby and started ranting. He has no more insight to what's gonna happen then anyone else. Don't get too caught up in this guy. He's just another guy who's been saying its gonna happen soon. At least he never said it was gonna come out at an outrageous number like some of the other gurus. I'll give him as much credit as would Frank which is none. Like all the other gurus he has an ego and likes to be heard.
  12. To respond to your questions 1) We are still in a recession after him being in office for 8 years 2) If you actually believe the jobless reports on the news then you have to change the channel 3) Still at war 4) not worth commenting on
  13. millionaire in training, I agree with you. living in NY you can really getting tired of hearing about Trump over the past few decades. I didn't take him very serious till a couple of years ago when he began addressing a lot of our problems with ideas how to fix them. I agree with you in that he didn't come off very well in his speech when he announced his running for the Presidency. He needs to hire some people to help him in that area. I do like how blunt he is but at the same time I really don't need to hear about how rich he is unless he would give me a loan. At the same time I do agree with his stance on many of the issues. It's too early for me to pick a candidate at this time. I do think we need someone out of the box to shake up this country and get it back on track. We don't need to keep bringing out these tired candidates who have already sold out for their own agendas. His running could just be a publicity stunt to promote himself for his own agenda. Time will tell. At the very least he has enough listeners in this country that it may shake things up and get more people asking questions instead of going through life with blinders on.
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