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    Grew up a farmer and now am trucking. trying to retire
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  1. How do I get a hold of that Breitling guy? I need to visit with him .
  2. I suppose I'll have to watch over you there, So you don't go a stray!!!
  3. By the 14th of march and it's $2.06 !!!! Ya Ya think thats right.
  4. Thanks for all you do !!!! Got to love that kind of info.
  5. Possom my boy,,, If you ant right,,, I'm bring'en my coon/possom dog over to your house and say sickumm !!!!
  6. Thanks Adam, and people. Looking forward to VIP chat.
  7. Watcher; I'm thinking along the same lines. Do I have to belong to VIP or what? I'm ready, just need info. Thanks!
  8. Dear Sir: Adam I also would like to get started, learning about this investment, where do I begin? Thanks for all you, God Bless. Thank You, John
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