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  1. Well this is doesn't look promising for the dinar. What say you?
  2. With the barrage of political candidate campaign text messages I've been getting I hope I don't inadvertently delete it! 😧
  3. Iraqi President Barham Salih taps intelligence chief Mustafa al-Kadhimi as the new Prime Minister-designate; Adnan al-Zurfi withdraws candidacy after revealing failure to form a government. Last week, Iraqi Prime Minister-designate Adnan al-Zurfi informed President Barham Salih that he had formed a government and was prepared to meet with parliament and gain their approval. US-backed al-Zurfi was met by several protestors and opposition from Shi’ite parties within parliament, accusing him of being an asset for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Despite claiming he could form a government, al-Zurfi withdrew his name this week, resulting in President Salih appointing intelligence chief Mustafa al-Kadhimi as the new Prime Minister-designate. According to at least one source, there was significant inter-governmental conflict with the appointment of al-Zurfi which may have played a role in his withdrawal. Regardless, reports state that he was actually unable to form a government despite his original claim, leading to the appointment of al-Kadhimi. He will have 30 days to assemble a government, which is likely to happen as he will have the support of the Shi’ite parties who played a role in blocking al-Zurfi.
  4. Apparently they don't have the $80 million. During the eulogy they were asking if all 80 million Iranian citizens would DONATE $1 USD to go towards payment for POTUS's head. I seriously doubt they'll get a 1 million. LOL.
  5. The Demonrats are more concerned about Iranian culture than American while they're busy tearing down our historical monuments.
  6. I'm not trailing too far behind you, but this is how I remember the song... classic_Heinz_Ketchup_Anticipation_TV_ad_1979.mp4
  7. Trump urges European countries to take back 800 IS fighters captured in Syria
  8. 'Trump could seize Arab funds at any moment'
  9. 3n1... I agree it seems to have been put on hold especially after Zaha's death. However, this was stated, "In January 2018, construction activities commenced and are underway with completion scheduled by December 2021" at this site.... and this is currently listed on Newtecnic's website makes me think they have begun to proceed in it's construction. Fingers crossed.
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