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  1. Well Adam , it's certainly been a very long road. I've been in this since November of 2009, and have heard it all during that time. For many years pins and needles as it was always going to happen any day now. Finally got to a point where I only look at posts stating that it has finally happened and people are going to the bank to exchange their currency. Certainly no offence to you as I have been a member of DinarVets for about the same amount of time. In my opinion you have been one of the more honest site operators that I have listened to over these 7+ years. I certainly applaud you for that. Many other sites also love to go back over the years and rewrite old posts to make them look like recent posts. I suppose they just couldn't think of any more excuses as to why this hasn't happened yet. All we can do is pray that all this is finally over and if people actually exchange for the .10 will be fantastic news as it won't take long to increase in value at that point. Thanks for hanging in there with us. So much appreciated. Traconesu02
  2. I have been on this site long before you ever appeared. I have had many conversations with you in the past and none of them have been very productive. I have seen you intentionally stir up trouble between members and personally do not consider you opinion to be of any value what-so-ever. I think you might get the drift of what I am trying to say here, I do not intend to discuss this or anything else with you, as I do not GARA what you say or think... End of Story.
  3. The chance of a LOP has been explained many times in so many articles. It would be much easier for you to just do a search on a LOP. But this shoud definitely ease you mind about the possibility of Iraq having a LOP. If you have invested in this currency you already know that the Iraqi Dinar is currently worth far less than one penny. If they were to LOP that would reduce the value of their currency even further and in this particular case would reduce their currency 1000 times. Now ask yourself this question: How would making a currency, that is already pretty much worthless , even more worthless, in fact make it 1000 times more worthless, benefit the country of Iraq ? After you have asked yourself that question -- I am sure you will realize that you really do not need to even consider Iraq having a LOP on their currency.
  4. If not called inside trading - it would at the very least be illegal, in some way. When this does RV the whole world will know the rate pretty much at the same time. And until that time comes any rate that is put out there no matter if it is a .10 or $14 is purely speculative. Somebody wild guess, and nothing more.
  5. Somebody buy poor old Okie a hat -- He has been standing out in the hot sun on those oil fields way too much.
  6. Yes - This is old news, I am not sure why people want to get into such discussions over news that has been out for over 2 months.
  7. This same article was first seen around November 3rd of Last year. http://coquidinares....stos-dinaristas
  8. That's the video. Itn't it a coincidence that such a video would come out about the iraqi dinar maybe not being such a good investment NOW. Rich people do not want the poor to get richer.
  9. The only thing that makes sense is the 15 million dollars that they are talking about in this article is 15 million dinar. As iraq refers to their own dinar as dollars. CBI Purchase De La Rue Machines Goto Click on News and Announcements Click on Direct Invitation No. (6D/2011) Using Coin Mill conversion table : Coinmill comes to approximately : $13624.18 or around $1362.42 per machine. I have seen them for as low as $1400 on the internet. Here is a site for one at $1500.00 USD
  10. Keep in mind something very similiar to this happened sometime ago with either Ali or Ty and they stopped doing wire transfers for a short period of time. The reason was they changed their business to another bank. Then a few days later they resumed their wire transfers.
  11. Time for all Americas to open their eyes and see what is happening to our Great Country: Good Video IMHO Time for America to WakeUp
  12. It is only about a 27 minute recording. It would be much easier for you to just listen to it and decide your own opinion of the message.
  13. The Arbil agreement should be voted on by parliament on this coming tuesday. I believe they will be voting on this regardless of maliki. This will be one step closer to the RV occuring. Will the RV follow immediately after this agreement is signed is anyones guess. In two weeks they will review US forces leaving or staying.
  14. I am going to miss your posts scooter. Always excellent data and analogies. However I most definitely understand why you need to get back to your family life. Good Luck in all you do. I seldom come back to DV as there is far too much negativity here for me. I have chosen to not frequent sites with negative comments about an investment of which I believe in. Good Luck and God Bless You and Your Family.
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