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  3. Immortality of architecture with: political blocs differed regarding resolving file security ministries after the holiday, while some deputies felt that this file will be resolved soon, excluded others resolve file security ministries during the period near future. MP for the Liberal block Baha Al-araji, for future news agency correspondent (and with), that "the coming days will see the completion of the security ministries crisis, unresolved topic of strategic policy Council". He said Al-araji: future days would see completion of strategic policy Council and there will be no formation of this Council, but will finish resolving file security Ministers and will lead to further aggravation of the political standoff between the political blocs. " The political remarks, she will resolve file name security ministries after the Eid al-Fitr, which remained pending since a majority of deputies to give confidence to the Government of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki without security ministries on 21 December last year. But Commission Member finds security and defend the Kurdistan Alliance chuan Mohammed Taha, "resolving file security ministries is difficult due to the exclusion of compatibility characters have access to nominate for the positions of Minister of Defense and Interior, as well as differences between Iraq and the rule of law which will prevent the resolution of this file". Student member of the Commission on security and defence, and lists the State of law, sit at the same table to resolve all outstanding differences are real and genuine, and complete file security ministries as soon as possible, and given the reality of Iraq and the country security conditions and the need for services and filter for differences to move the Government and its work forward in a positive way. " The security ministries still vacant because of the incompatibility of political blocs on the names of candidates for those ministries which are currently managed by the Agency by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to the Ministry of the Interior and Culture Minister Saadoun al-dulaimi, who was charged with the administration of the Ministry of Defence Agency. Meanwhile Iraqi Deputy believes Al-jumaily unit that "there is no real intention to resolve the file security ministries has led to the creation of a great dilemma in resolving this file is important because procrastination only curriculum is managing this file" Al jumaily said that "the Iraqi list presented several candidates for the post of Defense Minister of the State of law Coalition, however, rejected all those candidates", stating that "in turn will reject any candidate chosen by Al-Maliki or State Coalition to the post of Defense Minister, noting that" rejection will be that the post of Defense Minister is by Convention Arbil which share under power-sharing between the political blocs. " --Called for "a State of law Coalition to abide by the provisions of the Convention on Arbil to end crisis ministries and other security matters disputed between Iraq and the rule of law". Finished Political blocs leaders agreed at a meeting held at the headquarters of the Presidency of the Republic under the auspices of President Jalal Talabani in second month on resolving a number of outstanding issues between the political blocs as strategic policy Council and a balance and security ministries, since it was agreed to provide all of the Iraqi National Alliance of candidates to security ministries lack real intention to resolve the security ministries file Maybe a member of the State of law attorney Ibrahim Rikabi said the security ministries are resolved after Eid directly, noting that the list did not nominate a competent personalities of the Ministry of defence ". Rikabi "need to finish this file is important and delicate time lot, which has a negative impact on the security situation and the Iraqi Street and on the stability of the political process and the country at the same time, noting that the feast will resolve this file, indicating its desire to be finished soon." He noted that the nomination of inefficient figures of Defence Minister, one of the reasons that led to delay resolving file security ministries, the National Alliance candidate for the Ministry of the Interior is ready, there is no delay by some delay by Iraq. " The differences between the Iraqi national list Coalition on some articles of the Convention which drafted the law of Irbil and strategic policy Council, one of the most important of these differences to choose the President of the Council, demanding that the Iraqi list selection mechanism in the lower House, called the National Alliance to be part of a body within the national strategic policy, among other differences, the designation of the Chairman of the Board Secretary General or President, and its powers. As differences between the parties about the nomination of candidates for vacant security positions in the Government, the Iraqi list considered that uniqueness Maliki nomination of candidates is Disclaimer agreement Arbil which gave the Iraqi list full right as political consensus that nominate it deems appropriate for the post of Defense Minister, saying it would refuse to vote for candidates from Al-Maliki rejects.
  4. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Iraq's New Currency Will printed in Three Language 14/08/2011 - 1:45 p | -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Iraqi Central Bank announces the new currency that will delete zeros, also will be printed in three languages . The central bank adviser Modihr Mohammed said in a statement that received by Forat TV Sunday that "the new currency will be dispensed gradually and it will be printed in Arabic, Kurdish and English. The old currency will not be canceled immediately after issuance of the new but will be dispensed gradually "There is no difference in the new currency on the rights of exchange rate and acquisitions, because when we want to buy a dollar in 1200 dinar , we will buy it at one dinar and 200 fils" Mohammed pointed out "Tthe project of deleting the zeros has approved by the Department of the Central Bank and has been forwarded to the Council of Ministers and Parliament , where the project will be implement as soon as it will be approved by the government " . --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. Time for the bonglady to drop the pipe and pass out in her chair?
  6. believe nothing untill it shows up on the CBI.
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