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  1. You have our prayers for you, your husband and family. 🙏🙏🙏
  2. How’s the impact of the latest suicide bombing and the affect of biden if any?
  3. To: Desert Surfer and all you VietNam veterans. I know you were not treated with the dignity and respect y’all deserved. As a viet nam era Drill Sgt., I cannot express enough of my personal pride and admiration of knowing a number of Vietnam veteran Drill Sgts. God bless you and all Vietnam veterans as well as Iraqi/Afghanistan veterans. God Bless! txhurricane
  4. If Trump loses, I will keep my Trump hat. That will be the only way to prove that I am an American. Go RV! Texashurricane !!
  5. Found the quiz and completed it without studying for it. I am ready to cash-in as I have been holding my Dinar since 2004. That’s long enough! Go RV/RI Txhurricane
  6. I know this may not be the correct forum for this question. But, as the US is giving the American people money for a Stimulus Package why would it not make sense that the GOI RV to help their citizens. I know helping their people is a foreign concept for the GOI. Just thinking out loud.
  7. Today's email got my wife all concerned but she is fine now. Go RV!!!
  8. I am good for 8 October as that is my birthday. Would be great to have it RV.
  9. I voted "NO", as they don't need or deserve any additional visibility.
  10. I wish I could call my mom! But I still think about her every day.
  11. Adam, Thanks to you and your support staff for what ya'll do. I also look forward to the tidal wave with everyone else. I am a Cowboys fan but I despise Jerry Jones, Jason Garrett, and Tony Romo and I look forward to the Pack taking it all the way for a Super Bowl Win. Good Luck Sunday and Go RRRRRRRRRRRRVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV..
  12. Been on this ride since 2005, what's another year? Hopefully sooner as I am not getting any younger. Thanks Adam, I am with you!
  13. The guy that pushes the update button is on holiday. again!
  14. I am "Thankful" I am no longer in Iraq! Happy Thanksgiving to all.
  15. My wife and I have both been honored and privileged to travel to Italy and Florence was one of our destinations. The young man in the clip is absolutely correct regarding American tourist. Many are embarrassing to say the least. It appears we are in too much of a hurry to enjoy the culture we are experiencing. If you want American culture, service and food, stay home and annoy your local restaurant staff. Americans do not have a very favorable impression in Europe and we wonder why? We are arrogant snobs. I have heard people talk about how rude the French people are but have they ever been to
  16. " But we have forgotten God, we have forgotten the gracious hand which preserved us in peace and multiplied and enriched us, and gave us strength, we can only imagine the deceitfulness of our hearts to proud to pray to the God that made us." Read more: If they had forgotten God back then, what would Lincoln, and the nation, think of us how?
  17. Mr. Thug, When this thing pops, you must join my wife and I for dinner at Ruth's Chris in Scottsdale. See you soon!
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