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  1. Bought my first two millions 6 years ago, how long have you been waiting, time to RV. This has not been over night, but it soon will be over
  2. I believe with all that has happened recently 7 Feb or sooner is realistic, if not then we have a long wait.
  3. Impossible, most places do not give you a receipt for the money, that is true here anyway, I have been buying dinar for 5 years in 6 different countries, NO RECEIPTS given, and all will take it back on what ever rate is the day you want to turn it in. I wish people would stop getting excited and believe they will issue new currency, to much was spent on making this, too many countries hold it, too many people WORLD WIDE hold it, if they (whoever) did a new currency, who is going to pay for it, this does not even pass a common sense test. We (collectively) need to start thinking outside of the box a little, majority of the dinar is not in the states, it is outside, and most countries dont follow same rules and (banks, etc.) as other countries. SO keep that in thought when evaluating the NEWS. ALl exhange agencies abroad would lose money, etc. if something like this happened, and Iraq would recede into a 10 year civil war, THAT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.
  4. Where do you get the GCC currency going acive on the 23rd, it maybe 2011 or later
  5. Just want to say hello, I am a another site working in kuwait, and have been in the middle east now 7 years. Enjoy the chats, some is quite amusing, and some right on. Take care all of you
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