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  1. The screens are still showing very high rates 25.60 the latest. The villagers are still dancing in the streets and the rate is public scrolling on the bottom of the screen. It is live and the RV has already occurred. As of 11:59 EST the rate was live on the CBI website however it seems to have been taken down to avoid confusion. The worst case scenario Sources are telling me the latest we can cash in is sometime between the 4th and 5th week of November however do not be discouraged because we are there! I have been told to be on HIGH ALERT for the time being. If this goes as planned we will b
  2. After multiple unconfirmed phone calls the rate is live and the villagers are dancing in the streets of Iraq. However we wont see it until something else happens. I am told when it does we will then see the rate. There is a 99.9% of this baby going down tonight giving us a great start to our weekend! My intel tells me the rate should show up on the CBI within the next 3-4 hours 12:01 EST. If it doesnt happen by then it is because what we needed to happen didnt happen but the chances of that are less than .001%. Stay tuned
  3. I have been on the phone all night with my sources and my intel has told me to expect this to happen at anytime. I want to tell the entire conversation but I dont want to give out all the details. We should be very happy this morning if not by November 31.
  4. TNT Tony was right!!!! Whoever here doubted him you should apologize in the space available below. I will be cashing in today and then heading to the casino to bet it all on BLACK!!
  5. You are just whipped..not vested. There is a difference. Just because someone doesnt agree with you doesnt mean they need help. 10 years!!!!! Anyone that is still "sticking" it out hard core like some people on here are the ones I would recommend that need help. seriously....? As far as you need to know I live in Quahog but on a more serious note I know you dont want me to go away. There hasnt been a thread on here with any substance since..........ever. Just ask a-j516.... you are all just "speculators" and there has been nothing but speculation ever since this dinar non
  6. you are exactly the person all my post are aimed at...just give it up. there is no homework to do other than do a little dam research and see that the only people that say this is going to happen have been saying it for over a decade. example...the oakland raiders suck and have sucked for a very long time with no evidence of being any closer to a championship. there is nothing wrong with being a fan and keeping hope alive HOWEVER if someone says you are not winning the superbowl this year do not reply that they are all negative and they need to do homework...its a fact. THEY SUCK and if i call
  7. what kind of retarded quesiton is that....whatever im not even going to entertain another brain washed person still holding out hope. give it up bro what does typos or anything on the internet have to do with speaking.....? moron i can type lke ths andz u can still read it fine
  8. 1. I dont know who owns this site nor do I care 2. I have nothing personal against Adam. I do not know him My post was simply aimed at all the morons that keep posting like he is some higher god or something. I have not read a single thing from him that makes me optimistic in the least bit about this RV. Like I said just because he is a guru and doesnt call the RV every day doesnt make him any more worthy than anyone else. Its almost like this website and others are like a religion. Its pretty comical. For example You guys believe in Adam and i believe dinar peoples believes in Tony 3.
  9. ok?? which is exactly what I do...If I am ever doing nothing I will check in but that doesnt mean I am surprised to see the same BS on all the websites that I saw 2 weeks ago or a month ago or a year ago. Its just surprising that the same people keep commenting holding out hope when there is none. I swear some of these people must live under rocks. OR maybe they are dinar dealers...I cant take seriously that people can be so idiotic...
  10. that is what this website and alot others are all about...Every day a thread surfaces that is complete fiction and the same people comment and turn it into a 10 page novel with no useful information at all. Total waste of space on the internet. If I knew how to hack websites I would totally take down DG website because I am just sick of the BS thats posted on there. and its even more annoying to see the idiots on here that still believe in this charade....this crap aint never gonna happen. NOBODY has any proof this BS is ever going to come to fruition. Think about it! This crap has been going
  11. "There is nothing left to be said, All has been said" "Nuff Said"
  12. Too bad none of this ever happened AND i can go into 1000 banks and I bet more than half will say this is a scam and the other half they have no idea what I am talking about and not a single bank will have me leaving with them confirming all the BS that the gurus post about the "banks" computers having some so called rate. I know someone personally at a Wells Fargo who is one of the managers (not a teller...a manager) and he doesnt know anything about the dinar. not a dam thing. thats my bank story.This IS a scam.
  13. I honestly dont believe in this crap anymore. It really is one big scam...or something. I really cant explain it. Its not like TerryK or TNT Tony or Okie post links to buy dinar from them right below their post so I cant honestly see why they would continue to post BS every single day. Its not like if I buy dinar right now it goes right into one of their pockets. Sure it may go into a GURU's pocket or just some JoeShmo that is apart of the scam. Maybe all these gurus really dont exist and they are all the same people or a combination of a handful of people. Seriously think about it....These id
  14. Intel Guru TNT Tony Well today is the day to see if all your dreams come true. We have checked and rechecked and I am glad to tell you all that we have verified that 100 countries have revalued over night and more are currently running in the system. Yes the ones that you are waiting for are in this basket and as long as nothing happens (to prevent it), you should be able to see for yourself in the next couple of hours or at least before the night is through. f THis is freaking ridiculous....Meanwhile on the CBI website : US dollar USD 1166.000 1164.000 NOTH
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