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  1. The following article is from Goldismoney site but I cant copy the link on my phone. I enjoyed the read. It is certainly a different perspective. I love the comment about the IMF being the wealth distribution model... boy did they get that right.
  2. Hear hear. This seems highly probable.
  3. Long over due. Perhaps we may see 2020 elections without social engineering the masses for a true result
  4. Spot on in my view... I've been following this for some time.
  5. It wouldn't be the first time the lamestream media has got the story wrong deliberately on purpose. I concur with this line of thinking. Folks, Epstein is not dead at this time. (I will enjoy watching the media kill him off again later) He is now doubt safely ensconced and under protection until all evidence is collated and justifiably wrong perpetrators are rounded up and showtime begins.
  6. I see soybean is sprayed 105% with roundup. Wow, overspray onto adjoining crops??
  7. Oh boy the globalists must be in a spin! For them to succeed they need the EU countries enslaved to them. Breaking away even without an agreement is a huge "up you elite and your rules" The people are waking up and speaking loudly!
  8. Trump is right to defund UN on that point alone. Funding the UN is funding the globalism agenda. Remember their altar is buried under the general assembly hall. There are too many secret societies tied up and orchestrating the UN.
  9. If truth be known, this was always the intent of those that set up the UN.
  10. Now we wait for President to sign and the law to be gazetted..... boom!!
  11. The funny thing is over here in New Zealand not a word has been said about Trumps declassify order. It does not fit the globalism narrative so is ignored until they can think up a distraction
  12. Just wait for the crazy left spinning this their way saying T Trump is a dictator bulldozing his way to distract from releasing his tax papers. They still don't get it.... many are going down for their treason.
  13. Thanks for the suggestion Markinsa. It is truly appreciated.
  14. I love your method of cleaning here.... tip #46
  15. It's good to see you back Tankdude.... welcome back sir!
  16. NP, I'm seriously considering using some but am worried for interactions on current meds I'm on from a recent heart attack. I may wait a year then try it as I wean off the meds.
  17. I came across a rather interesting but long article on Borax. I would appreciate your thoughts or experiences
  18. Did you ever see the video of the alleged perpetrator? He is supposedly shooting through the windscreen but no glass is broken. Sorry, but it ain't what it seemed. For some reason he is taking the fall, others did the killings. I agree with you on region bring misused to perpetrate hate crimes.
  19. It was a false flag event orchestrated to remove auto n semi automatic weapons from NZ.
  20. You Canadians are too kind. Soros defies conventional description. %#×£¥,■♤☆¿%&¥+₩ doesn't even come close either.
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