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  1. Eat a Snickers!! Your not yourself..... But I do know how you feel....I have lost track of time on how long I have been in this.....Do I think it will ever make something?? No, but I bought the bike so I will ride it. I gave up long ago, when all we heard was "Everything is done, anytime now" years a go.... Just wait, it gets positive at the first of the year, around March, if not March then June or maybe October....Ok back to the first of the year, but this time line helps the year go by faster...... JUNE is coming!! Hang tight!!
  2. Did you ever decide how much you want to sell and for a price?
  3. So hopefully I could retire and spend some time with my family that I have missed working while they were growing up.
  4. Is this a SCAM? Maybe, but so is a slot machine in Vegas and so is the little crane machine to get a stuffed animal at the local pizza place, but they are still fun. This is an investment. Never invest or feed a machine more than you are willing to loose. Who cares what Adams real name is, my real name isn't "redwizard". Yes, I am a VIP, $39.00 every 3 months isn't no more than a double meat hamburger, fries and drink "super sized" a month. Big deal. But, just maybe, MAYBE this may pan out. I would rather sit on these Dinar and it never do anything then to say: Damn I should have invested in the Dinar...... So, every year we hear.... Should be by the first of the year..... then we hear "Should be by March"... then we hear "should be by June"... Then we hear "should be by October".... Then we hear "should be by the first of the year ..... year after year. But look how many people we have met, talked to, argued with and even made friends with, sit at the slot machine and never talk to the person next to you again, here we can talk everyday...... SCAM.... ok that is cool with me
  5. NO. We have heard for the last 10 years that everything is done...... It is always the first of the year, if not March looks great, if not then June 1st, wait may be October.... if not, then end of the year... back to another year. We all have been in this so long that we can write what tomorrow has to bring.
  6. For the last 10 years it has been Oct 1, then Jan 1, maybe March or June...... We past Oct 1, so now we are looking at Jan 1
  7. I know what you mean, I have taken some time off and came back and nothing has changed.....
  8. Well I have been waiting over 10 years, and I don't think we are any closer now than what we were 10 years ago. It has been every June, October, January and March for as long as I can remember.
  9. We all had dreams of making big money off this investment. For most of us, that was many years ago. Now it is mostly a joke. When we bought into this we were told it was a scam and our friends laughed, we stood proud and believed. Now we still stand...... Each week we watch and hope that Adam gives us great news, usually it is the same each week...... so and so are talking..... Everything is moving..... Samething different year. I think many still come here to visit with friends, there are a lot of good people here, but as far as the Dinar actually becoming something, (besides funny money the grandkids can play with), deep down I think the dreams are what they are.... DREAMS. There is nothing wrong with Dreaming, but sometimes you have to come back to the real world!
  10. Figures. Everytime we help another country it comes back to bite us in the butt. Easy fix, don't help no one, don't spend any money on them, keep our money and military here in the US where it belongs.
  11. Exactly desimo, people have gotten so scared about being PC, that they are afraid they may say or do they wrong thing. Do the RIGHT thing, even if it doesn't make you popular. The police didn't arrest Z because they didn't think he was guilty. They the PC came into affect...... and mostly because our gov pushed it.
  12. Well he should be found innocent. Z was attacked by a thug, his head was being bashed in the concrete, he defended his life. The girl friend / witness never said she heard a gun shot, she heard the sound of grass...rolling in grass... so that leads to say "doubt" . OJ proved that if any doubt then innocent.
  13. Zimmerman was found guilty before he even went to court. Our gov will make sure of that. There witness already said she heard Martin, falling in the grass, but she never heard a gun shot....... What she heard was Martin jumping Zimmerman. Self Defense plain and simple!!
  14. Shop for some new tires for my truck.....
  15. Thanks Heavy! It is hard to stay grounded with all the talk. We all have been here so many times, so close, nothing else to do, but MAYBE this time we are there!!! We all have made friends here and I really think that we will stay friends. Hopefully rich friends!!
  16. That is fantastic! Congrats!!
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