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  1. Learn to search for your question to see if it has been answered before.... or google the question. SO tired of seeing the same questions over and over, and the same answers over and over,,, and even different answers to the same question. If your question hasn't been answered on here, or by searching on Google... then by all means ask it. But don't start calling the banks (or EVER call the banks IMO.. unless you know 100% that the RV is completed). Just a friendly reminder/announcement. :]
  2. I must say out of all honesty, that the dinarian community may be one of the LEAST discreet communities or group of people that I have ever seen. Probably only 2nd to those that voted for Obama. Seriously, you people freak out like your going to miss this thing or already have. People are soo worried about the possiblity of missing the RV (because it is their way to freedom in their eyes), that they stop at no costs. The don't think of the reprecussions or consequences of their actions. How many people have called the banks over the years asking about IQD. How many people STILL continue to call the banks trying to find out information? People, I tell you. If you frequent any of the dinar websites... you will NOT miss the RV. It is nearly impossible. If you want to make sure that you don't miss the RV 100%, then learn how to visit and read FOREX websites. Their are more websites out their than I can count, and in a way there are so many dinar devoted websites that are updated constantly that provide ALL the information you need (mainly the dinar ones). IF you go on the forex websites, and watch the IQD's value, and check it every day or set up alerts... you will not miss the RV because you are technically watching it (i mean technically in every sense of the word). BUT people still continue to bother the banks, and ask the same old questions time after time. I know there are still new people to this investment every day, but I would think that how ever or who ever they find out about the IQD that they would have become better educated before calling a bank and saying "HEY DO YOU KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT HOW I'M GOING TO BECOME A MULTI-MILLIONAIRE?" Do you know how annoying that question is to people, because in oh-so-many ways that is the #1 question that is asked all the time. The only thing that I ask, and the point to this whole post is this: Please, please, just stop and think and just do a LITTLE BIT of research before you go off wasting some one elses time bothering them with stupid questions. NO, YOU HAVEN'T MISSED THE RV. Do a simple Google search for your question, and search the forums. I guarantee you what ever question you have, has been asked before, and answered as well. If it hasn't been asked, well then by all means PLEASE go ahead and ask! But, I am telling you 99/100 your question as already been answered many times before. SO, learn to search for your question/answer before asking it
  3. It won't let me edit my original post, but I realized I made a typo when I said 16%, it is really almost 17% higher. Meaning despite the comparative 10% appreciation of the dollar in the world, Argentina is increasing the value of THEIR peso, vs US Dollar. To really simplify this means that their people will be able to buy more US dollars with their peso. A 10% increase in the Dollar vs an 18% increase in the local markets of the Peso, would be some sort of convergence of inverses. Buying more of the valuable dollar, by lowering their exchange rate so that their citizens can benefit from this EXTREMELY valuable dollar. In essence, by increasing the value of the peso by 18% would actually be a much higher number than this, more around like a 25% increase in purchasing power. (the 25% is just a rough estimate)
  4. Argentina To Lower Price Of Illegal Dollar, Radio Mitre Says Argentina’s government plans to force currency exchange houses to start quoting the U.S. dollar at between 5 and 5.1 pesos instead of 5.9 pesos in the unofficial parallel market, Senator Anibal Fernandez told Radio Mitre today. An illegal market in foreign currency has flourished since November, when President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner ordered that all currency transactions require tax agency approval. The government met yesterday with the main foreign-exchange houses and they will offer the dollar at 5.1 pesos per dollar on June 4, Fernandez said. He didn’t elaborate on how the government would enforce this. Separately, La Nacion reported today that banks in Argentina are asking clients to join waiting lists to withdraw dollars from their own dollar-denominated bank accounts. The newspaper didn’t cite its sources on the story. To contact the reporters on this story: Sebastian Boyd in Santiago at; Richard Jarvie in Buenos Aires at Some quick math on this, they are going to start quoting the Argentine Peso at nearly 16% higher on MONDAY!
  5. King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia was described In a leaked March 2009 diplomatic cable: The King said he had "no confidence whatsoever in (Iraqi PM) Maliki, and the Ambassador (Fraker) is well aware of my views." The King affirmed that he had refused former President Bush's entreaties that he meet with Maliki. The King said he had met Maliki early in Maliki's term of office, and the Iraqi had given him a written list of commitments for reconciliation in Iraq, but had failed to follow through on any of them. For this reason, the King said, Maliki had little credibility. "I don't trust this man," the King stated, "He's an Iranian agent." The King said he had told both Bush and former Vice president Cheney "how can I meet with someone I don't trust?" Maliki has "opened the door for Iranian influence in Iraq" since taking power, the King said, and he was "not hopeful at all" for Maliki, "or I would have met with him."[34] I just thought this was a good article to possibly help put things in perspective a little better. This was found on Maliki's wikipedia page. HE'S AN IRANIAN AGENT LOL, Who even knows if that's true at all. But yes, he will delay delay delay, or just not follow through at all. One of the two.
  6. If anyone has any questions about anything I would be happy to answer them to the best of my ability. I am no guru, but I feel I have a strong understand of what is happening and I feel like some people may have really important questions on their mind that needs to be answered regarding if this currency was to RV, and what they need to know. Please feel free to PM me any questions. ER
  7. Sorry for the repost, but I thought this was an interesting article to bring up again... Opening of the Erbil Branch Home 08/9/2011 Capital Bank announced its plan to open the National Bank of Iraq’s (NBRIQ) 8th branch during the visit of His Excellency Bassem Khalil Al-Salem, Chairman of Capital Bank, to Iraq. During the visit, Al-Salem inspected the location of the branch that is scheduled to open during the first half of 2012 in Sulaimaniyah. Capital Bank’s positive performance during 2011, which includes an 82% growth in deposits and a 33% growth in credit facilities, was behind the decision to expand its branch network in Iraq. “We are in the process of implementing an expansion strategy in all Iraqi provinces that stems from our belief in the great economic opportunities that are on offer in Iraq. This is why we decided to open an 8th National Bank of Iraq branch,” commented Al-Salem. Al-Salem added that the Sulaimaniyah Branch opening confirms the Bank’s commitment to providing premium banking services to large corporations, SMEs and individuals in an innovative manner. Al-Salem also commented on Capital Bank’s relationship with NBIRQ, through which it facilitates services offered to businessmen and merchants in Jordan to support the increase of exports to Iraq. Capital Bank owns a controlling 72% share in the NBIRQ which has a paid up capital of IQD 100 million (USD 85 million). Capital Bank is the only Jordanian bank in Iraq offering superior services that facilitate and fund trade and banking services between clients in Jordan and Iraq.
  8. DONE Fazil Nabi, Iraq’s deputy finance minister, previously confirmed to Rudaw that eliminating zeros from Iraq’s currency will not increase the value of Iraqi dinars. (Government spokesman Dr Ali al-Dabbagh also confirmed to Iraq Business News in September of last year that removal of the zeros was purely cosmetic.)
  9. The future of Iraq / special with the approach of the countdown to reduce the zeros of the Iraqi currency by three zeros to the bottom step of the Central Bank of Iraq to rearrange the rules of the Iraqi economy, began to groups supported inside the Green Zone is assigned currency dealers collect and store a currency U.S. dollar in preparation for stage determine how the zeros of the Iraqi currency and Tbdlleha to become a thousand dinars, dinars, and access to the numbers Alumblyaria that invaded the culture of the Iraqi economy. source from inside the Green Zone, said that some of the condos with leaders and officials and officers turned to the banks do not comply with the specifications of the storage financial because they were filled with U.S. currency U.S. dollar, a gain added to the dealers in this matter than profit rate of 100%, where it will be the amount sold by the Iraqi currency and the buyer of the U.S. currency dollar is the same amount will buy by the Iraqi dinar once again after the whistle of the Iraqi currency. this process affected and three days ago at the level of trading of the currencies in the Iraqi Central but are invisible to this moment, but will cause major problems on the economic level of the next period. traders the opportunity who make a living on such stages are active in damaging the Iraqi economy and provoke crises among people who started a lot of them turn of his money to the U.S. currency, an approach that is almost universal in the Iraqi market you are looking for safety in the maintenance of its financial resources by turning them into dollars and then deal with the new Iraqi currency, Valqnaah that prevail in the market now, that the process of replacement of zeros of the Iraqi currency, which is moving the government seeking to implement it during the period between this month and the end of this year. It is expected to break out conflicts and problems in society and in the Iraqi economy if the project was implemented without the education and promotion by the government in the media and open channels of its own government to alter the currency and not to submit to the black market and banking companies, which accuses currently being fed subject of rumors about what will happen with if the project was implemented as a means to increase the chances of speculation by raising the purchase price of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar in the exploitation of blatant ignorance of the public the fact that central bank's move. community economic demanded an integrated program of public awareness and its width is transparent for the deletion of zeros because these decisions are not just financial decisions purely it is located in the the heart of the daily life of citizens
  10. We're all entitled to our opinion, but to say that Iraq is not in control of their own destiny is a presumption, that may or may not, has been or will be, true. No one really knows when this will crack, except maybe a handful of people, and God.
  11. Simrit was previously estimated to contain up to 917m barrels of oil. What is a "transformational" discovery, if this is how much oil they had before. I'm guessing they found the mecca of oil here, but that's nothing no body knew already, Iraq I mean. 917 x 2 would be 1.8 billion barrels, but I'd go as far to say they found more than that...
  12. empty the economic institutions of competencies to their scarcity and the migration and does not return many of them who fill corners of the earth. Empty the central bank of shabibi and all the smart people until there are scarce intelligent comptent people left, and then changing the people with "others", and does not fill the new positions with smart people(shabibi) who are rare and you only find them in certain places in the world. The cbi is indeed in danger, look at all that glitter.
  13. This may be true, but their are many that are very giving as well!
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