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  1. see that's what i'm afraid of.... i didn't think it would be this much of a hassle to sell offf my dinar. ridiculous. i leave my email and most don't email me then i check back here and see someone looking to buy and when i message them they aren't buying anymore.. lol this is ridiculous.
  2. thanks I saw the ad for that site lol is it trusthworthy though? did you use it?
  3. BUMP...anyone? i'm in the south jersey area
  4. i didn't even have to click on this topic to know what your post was going to say stealthwarrior
  5. That's something I've been thinking about also cause it would be just my luck
  6. but again isn't this article talkinig about a lop and wouldn't that be a bad thing?
  7. lol I wish I had met someone a couple years ago that would've turned me onto to bitcoin instead of this bullshit, i'm so sick of it already
  8. $8.16?? LMAO gee I sure am glad I haven't sold all my dinar......
  9. jesus man why is this topic still going? there should be a section for rumors and another for straight bullshit maybe just called guru garbage?
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