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  1. Adam, Do you believe that if Iraq were to increase the value of their currency ( .10 cents or more) it would solve their financial problems? Thank you.
  2. "Iraq has a printed cash block issued by the Central Bank estimated at 80 trillion Iraqi dinars. Does Iraq have enough gold and oil to support a revaluation?
  3. Just curious..does the crossed eyed emoji mean that I’m crossed eyed & or confused or the person who sent is crossed eyed & confused?
  4. The bank said in a statement that Alsumaria News received a copy of it that "issued amendments to the controls on the authorization of incoming and outgoingfunds across the Iraqi border and published in the Iraqi newspaper Al-Waqa'eq newspaper, issue(4551) on 19/8/2019,before entering into force in the month of February 2020. So no revaluation before February 2020?
  5. Good! Marines hate sitting around doin nothin..hurry up and wait sucks. We sign the line and do the training to do one thing.
  6. Adam, Just as a refresher course.. would you please post a “Top five pros & cons” for a Dinar revaluation? Thank you!
  7. Do u have investment tips on bananas? I’d be interested if there’s a shortage that u know of.
  8. We all saw the “glitch”. The world (& us) will know when this hits. My financial folks will let me know when it’s for real. Read what Yoda brings, and you’ll know when it’s about to pop. All else is just speculation & rumors. Believe this.. it will happen when ur not lookin’.
  9. We’re all good..we are invested in oil. The United States has always and will always make sure we dominate the oil fields. Iraq has about a twenty year window to profit from oil before the globe starts flying around in things that don’t need oil. IMO..
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