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  1. If it has, I missed the memo. As I recall, Adam said when the HCL goes so goes the Dinar. Any comments? Sorry for the multiple posts, my "enter" key is on steroids. All the best. Chartman 17
  2. Dear Adam, I need a clarification in regards to the HCL. This morning I read that the PM is working out payments to Iraqi citizens with regard to the
  3. Thank you for your latest update. I look forward to your text.
  4. Thank you, Adam. This next year will be a "Barn Burner"! Yahooooooooo!
  5. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all DV'ers. Especially to you Adam and your Crew.
  6. Thank you Adam for your insight and the development of Post RV activities. All the best. Unfortunately, my wife, Cheri, passed away on Tuesday, November 28, 2017. My entire family has done an "intervention" on me to get me to stop thinking about, reading about, dreaming about, the Iraqi Dinar. So, I've taken some real heat from my family. I am mad at my wife for passing on before I could say to her "NEENER--NEENER".
  7. Happy Thanksgiving to our troops, DinarVets, DinarVets staff and to all the little people that keep the wheels turning.
  8. Thank you, Adam for your weekly update. You are right, we beat this puppy to within an inch of it's life, so, now let's concentrate on the Future!
  9. Thanks Adam, please find a damn bank that will allow us to open an account for $100 instead of $10,000. My life is crazy too! Wife in hospital, gotta get work done, gotta get some sleep, gotta ...
  10. Thanks Adam, your updates are more uplifting now. And, "The Beat Goes On..."
  11. Thank you, Adam. And thank you to Julie and all the staff at Dinar Vets.
  12. Thanks Adam. When does the legislative branch go back to work? Inquiring minds want to know.
  13. If they, the good guys, kill bagdadi will that be good enough to call Iraq safe and secure?
  14. Thanks Adam, and may the Middle East become prosperous without war in 2017.
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