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  1. Why didn't they use gave me my credit score instantly...
  2. Now remember fella's, innocent until proven guilty by a court of law. Otherwise, we are no different than those making the same comments about Zimmerman. Now once they are proven guilty, then I hope everything you said happens...
  3. Sure... It's the article immediately following VII, but just before IX. Why of course, its THE article we've been waiting for...and here we all thought it was Article VII and HCL and the day immediately following Ramadan, but no, it was always that often overlooked Article VIII...and theeeeen we'll all be millionaires.
  4. I may be wrong here, but I don't think the UN Operational Rates have anything to do with the value of the dollar. EDIT: Actually you may be right, some of the countries fluctuate month to month. I figured that Iraq has theirs still established at 1170 (since 2010) and I would have expected that too to fluctuate if it were actually tied to the dollar. But theirs is an arbitrarily locked value and not a float, so they are somewhat different than the rest.
  5. I'm even more surprised that someone who has almost $40,000 (if not more) invested into this and hasn't researched this a bit more than what he has. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see through most of the gurus' BS, once they've missed the mark several dozen times, you've got to scratch your head and say, "heeeey wait a minute, I think this guy is making this stuff up." I'm not so sure that even if he was able to get $40 million, that he would have it for very long before someone else bilked him out of it.
  6. Thanks Granny. You don't really just sit and watch this board all day do you? I mean, not that I do or anything...
  7. This is my Dinar and my F16 (or Philippine model of it) and I am also a VIP. Please update my badge. Thanks.
  8. My bank is the Pentagon Federal Credit Union and believe me when I say that they act as though I'm trying to take money out of their own personal accounts. I have never seen a system that tries to find every possible reason NOT to give you a loan. I suppose if all banks had been this way, we wouldn't be in the current situation we are in now. But holy cow, I can't see how an average wage earner could ever get a mortgage through the Pentagon. I have outstanding credit and I couldn't believe how many different sources of income I had to use to secure this loan.
  9. There is a time and place for everything. I am opting for 30 year 5/5 ARM (closing next week). Why? Because I can lock in 2.5% for the next 5 years and the most it can go up (assuming it goes up) is 2% for the following 5 years (and each subsequent 5 year period). Closing costs on an ARM (at least at my bank) are less than half of any fixed rate loan being offered. While I am opting for a 30 year loan (to allow for a lower payment if times get tough), I intend to pay it off in the next 8 years. So for me, this is the most cost effective mortgage available. In fact, had I not had a previous mortgage with my bank, they would have paid all closing costs, my first mortgage payment, and given me 100,000 points on their Visa Card. Unfortunately, I didn't get to take advantage of that.
  10. Hmmmmm....I hate to be a killjoy, but it worked perfectly for me. I entered my email address and the password I use on this site and it worked flawlessly to give me the discount. :/
  11. Had I known at the time how my kids would end up, I would have opted for the kick in the nuts instead. Raising teenagers is more painful than childbirth or a kick in the nuts. In fact, if it were physically possible, it would be on par with getting kicked in the nuts while giving birth.
  12. My Father worked as police office/detective for over 22 years and then began working as an investigator for the State Attorney General's office. He has made friends with some DHS employees along the way. I sent him the information about DHS buying 2700 armored vehichles. He forwarded it to a friend of his who works for DHS. His friends initial response was that he could see scenarios along the southern border where the armored vehichles would be a huge benefit. This morning, my dad send me a follow up email where his friend said that he just noticed that they purchased 2700. He basically said what we've been saying, "WTFO." He said he was going to sniff around and see what he can come up with. His subsequent email including all of his friends in the field and again, the same response, WTF. They guesstimate the cost at $810,000,000. They are confused as to why they're turning detainees loose because they can't afford $150/day to keep them locked up and yet they're purchasing such large price tag items. They too are caught up in the budget cuts and are losing 30% next year. Needless to say, it doesn't sound as though everyone in DHS is in the loop on what is going on. One thing that they did reassure my dad was that at the grass roots level, regardless of who asks them to do anything, the guys in the field at DHS will do the right thing.
  13. That's odd...73 points would be 1243 (not 1253) IF the rate was still at 1170, but it hasn't been that for some time now...something smells of old news here (and not very accurate news at that).
  14. LIBoy, I'm not hardcore anti or pro anything. What I have determined to be right, is right. I don't pick a side. I don't agree with everything Republican or Democrat. I am a Christian and that comes with it a certain lifestyle that tends to put itself squarely in the conservative side of the discussions. I never felt a need to own a gun nor had I owned a gun until I was threatened with the possibility that I may not be allowed to own one. Consequently, I now own 3 and possibly another in the near future. I also own enough Dinar to keep me interested in it's status. I have been to many Dinar sites and this site still remains the one that I come to in order to keep myself current. Yes the discussions may stray off topic, but they also are posted in the correct forums so that if I don't want to read that kind of thing, I can just stay the heck out. The anti-government rhetoric may be more prevalent now because many people are ticked off by the direction the government is heading. The beauty of being free however, means that you have the freedom to not come to this site. Ultimately, your complaining is just peeing into the wind...
  15. UNEEK, The name of the song is "The Lonely Shepherd." You can find it on Youtube played by the one and only Zamfir. Great video about the staircase! Thanks.
  16. I've always like Paul Harvey. I was appalled by the comments below the video on Youtube. How can people be so hate-filled over a video just because it mentions God?! There is a lot of anger in people, especially those who hate Christians. Why can't people appreciate the video for what it was and not make it into some controversy between whether there is a God or not? Obviiously what Paul Harvey said wasn't based on anyhting Biblical, it was simply a way to pay tribute to some of the hardest working citizens in our country. I take my hat off to anyone who would rather work hard than collect welfare...
  17. I figured it at about 1.7 million USD. 600 beds? You can barely get a 6 bedroom house for that little money. I would have expected an "advanced" hospital to cost closer to a billion or two USD or roughly 1000x more than they are quoting. Could this be a sneak peak at a one to one exchange rate (Dinar/USD)? aaaah, who bills are still coming due every month matter what the story du jour is.
  18. Simple, you first vote for the best candidate. Since we can only choose from whomever is running, we select the one that will do the least damage. We point out to our children why we chose that particular candidate and what won't be tolerated by this country if that candidate also tries to destroy it. You teach your own children right from wrong. Punish them when they need punished. Reward them when they do what is right. Pray that someday they will be President of the United States. Just because the world is going to hell around you doesn't mean you have to stop doing what is right at home.
  19. Not only flat, but in the shape of a Pentagram...<spooky music plays here>
  20. BB, I just recently bought more dinar. I did so for several reasons, but primarily because I never felt comfortable with what I had amassed to this point. I wasn't trying to be greedy, but I knew where I wanted the money to go once an RV occured and regardless of what rate we got, I knew the government was going to be the first person I would meet in the handout line. I anticipate that I will lose a minimum of %50 to Uncle Sam. I wanted to know that the remaining %50 would be enough to help those who I wanted to help. I guess without knowing a rate and hearing rates as low as .10, its silly to think that way since the finally cashout value can be wildly different. But it was a trade off between an amount of money that I was willing to chance verses what i could potentially make. I won't miss what I have spent to date. I have already counted it as a loss until such time that things in Iraq change. I don't forsee that I will have to sell it here on DV to pay for a vacation or medical bills. Therefore, even if Iraq decided to complete do away with the dinar, I would walk away from the investment and view it in much the same way as I view the car I bought my daughter when she went off to school and she decided to sell it because she wanted the money, or the college degree that she got and is now looking for work at McDonalds. I made an investment into a future, I felt good about what I did, and it didn't pan out as expected. Oh well. It could have also done great things, but unless you invest, you'll never know. IMHO.
  21. Judging from his loss of faith in the dinar, I would bet if he had any dong at all he would pull out early.
  22. I'm confused as to why people have to say they are this like a suicide note, so we can have a better understanding why they're gone? If you're out, just go away. No one is going to start saying, "hey, whatever happened to uncs? You don't think he sold everything without telling us, do you?" Geez, some people get so personal about this speculative investment. Even if Iraq completely disappeared and took their dinar with them, I would just go onto something else. I mean, I've got a 401k that was doing pretty badly for a while, I certainly wouldn't tell the world if I decided to quit putting money into it and cash out.
  23. Your first indicator that you may be infected by the virus is whether or not your own anti-virus is running and updating. If not, then you should suspect that you could potentially have an issue. If your anti-virus is running normally, run an anti-malware program such as Malwarebytes Anti-Malware ( on your machine. If it comes up clean, then worry no further. However, if your anti-virus isn't working and/or Malwarebytes fails to run (another symptom of the infection), I would suggest you seek out a professional. All the site will do, assuming it is legit (which I believe it is), is tell you that you are infected. Rarely does this particular virus hide itself. It typically shows up as an anti-virus program that you didn't install.
  24. Redenomination is bad for us if they stop recognizing the Dinar we are currently holding. As Adam stated in his chat, it doesn't make sense to RD without an RV, otherwise, its pointless. The question is, what will become of the current dinar still in circulation? Will it still be honored at face value or will it revalue to it's RD equivalent (i.e. 25,000 becomes 25 -- that is what we don't want)?
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