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  1. Do you know how to make a hormone?
  2. If in your heart you can honestly say it was not a somewhat mocking rhetorical response when you asked me to explain the scriptures to you than I am truly sorry. I guess in my heart I thought you knew what all the scriptures meant since you quote scripture in most of your posts. As far as the "Peace Out Cub Scout " close to my message, I can't understand how you would think that is an insult. I have a six year old son who uses the term often and I get a huge laugh everytime he says it. If that simple care free phrase is insulting to you, don't ever come to NYC. You'll be cowering in the
  3. Of course I'm misguided at times. It comes with being human. The bottom line is that there are many many religions and many ways to praise God and Jesus. If someone does it differently than you or I, it doesn't mean they are wrong or "less than" it simply means they do it differently. There seems to be such a lack of tolerance in your brand of Christianity. I just can't practice that type of elitist religion. My brand of religion is different than yours. You don't need to agree with it but please respect it. That is all I ask.
  4. My reference to the many paths referred to the many religions of the world. I don't know why you always take what I say so personally and then feel the need to antagonize. I guess that is just your way of telling me you care. I know you are a man of strong faith and I repect that. What I don't respect is someone using scripture solely for the purpose of trying to discredit someone else's personal thoughts or beliefs. I have been in no way malicious with my posts so all I ask is for you to respect my thoughts and beliefs instead of trying to tell me they are wrong.
  5. In my opinion, best post you have made in a long time. Good to see you brother!
  6. Mark, please don't tell me you are unable to see that the question LGD asked me was a rhetorical one. I would hope you have a clearer understanding of English colloquialisms than that. You can quote the bible till the cows come home. Every passage is a pearl of infinite wisdom. Praise be his name. However, my relationship with my creator will forever and always remain just that. Mine.
  7. This website is a microcosm of the world. There are multiple cross sections of religions, race, ethnicity and geography. Is it a wonder the world is as screwed up as it is and that hatred and arrogance reign supreme? Most of what I read on this site is people trying to prove to others why they are right and the other guy is wrong. Why if you don't believe in my God and follow my religion, you will go to hell. Why my political party is right and yours is wrong. Why I am superior to you because I can quote more bible passages. People are constantly pushing their views and their beliefs do
  8. That's the beautiful thing. I'm free and don't need to explain anything. My personal relationship with my creator is all I need. Peace out cub scout!
  9. Let's agree to disagree and leave it at that. For me, the Serenity Prayer always keeps me on track. "God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference." Amen!
  10. When you wanna sell your dinar, let me know. Cause I'm crazy like a fox.
  11. Reading these articles is more and more like listening to Charlie Brown's teacher. I'm going to bed. Someone wake me when I'm rich. Goodnight all.
  12. Said respectfully, honestly and with class. Thank you!
  13. That opinion is yours and you are certainly entitled to it. In my opinion it shows such a sad lack of tolerance and such an immense disrespect for the political process this country was built on. I cannot resort to name calling. That is , again in my opinion, petty and childish. This country could not have achieved it's extraordinary success if it were not for the multi party political system our forefather's created. I will not be a fair weathered friend to this great nation. No doubt we are in a bad place right now and the man in the white house has a lot to do with it. However, l
  14. Actually, I watched it several times and based my opinions on, what I feel is an informed position. It's ok if people have differing opinions and positions on any given subject. That is our God given right. What separates God centered folks from others is how we handle those differences. Life is a journey not a destination and we never stop learning and evolving.
  15. Alright I'm gonna really blow your mind. If Christians are flawed, as you say. Then just possibly, your thought process on this topic is flawed. The same possibility stands true for my thought process. That is where mutual respect and shared compromise comes into play. I respect your opinion but can not agree with it simply because , in my eyes it isn't true. In my eyes, some brands of Christianity are very similar to Islam in that they are more a culture than a practiced religion. I am a Republican and I do not support the president. However I still respect the democratic party and
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