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  1. Good luck Gang sad that the government won't protect us from This but it's NEVER. Going to hit. Good luck selling my remaining 25illion dinar to Ali. This is a scam. I promise. It's a scam and will never hit. Go ahead and say all you want question me all you want but these guys are here to make money Ali sells on rumor. Period made millions off of all of us. It's not going to hit. Good luck. Sold my stuff an I am out.
  2. well say what you want of AC he said back in January that nothing would happen until June or July of this year. He has good information and has been spot on. The problem is its not good news.
  3. Go to the You tube video interview with Ali at dinar trade when he is being interviewed by CNBC. It is a big number several years back.
  4. Does the Gov't really want that? Seriously, that's what's going to happen and I personally think the gov't does not want that many people elevated financially that fast! Does the gov't need the tax dollars? Sure. Does America stand to have many many many new businesses open and many many new jobs created? You bet ya. I personally don't think the wealthy people in the world want this revalue to happen. I mean, HCL, Chapter 7, ministers seated, the people of Iraq need it. Those are all great feel good stories. But, at the end of the day millions of Americans become millionaires and I don't think the gov't wants that. That is what puzzles me most about all of this Hve a great weekend
  6. Wow been here almost 2 years and just wonder what these gurus think (or not think). The garbage is just so horrendous
  7. just found another article that says passed. Interesting is its tagged for the 23rd. Sorry if its old. BREAKING NEWS Parliament passes the Budget, adjourns until March 6 23/02/2012 22:35:00 Baghdad (NINA) – Law maker from Iraqiya bloc, Khalid al-Alwani, announced that Parliament vote for passing the Budget in full and has decided to adjourn until the 6th of March. / End have a great day
  8. Y'all are grabbing for anything. It's just probably routine maintenance for email up grades etc. please quit grabbing for straws.
  9. "fat fingered" Please, we do not need to know what you do to yourself. Please keep your personal comments to yourself". Thanks.
  10. This is histerical. . Thanks for the laugh.
  11. What is interesting is that the article also says that it is going to put interet on the sale on currency. Who are you going to charge the intrest to? And and the intrest at 10 dinarss?????. That's like less than a peeny? Anybody else see that? Just curious to others thoughts????
  12. Not trying to be Debbie downer just passing along some information. All the guru's are going to fire back with " they said there would be dis information before the RV". Whatever don think it's going to happen anytime soon
  13. Seriously, How do you know what the first step in activating a new currency is? If you do know please list all steps and the proper order! (There is none, and all these so called guru's think that there is. NOBODY on ANY board has EVER made money from an RV) Don't believe the hype till you see it at the bank (NOT THE GAZETTE))
  14. Anybody hear anything about the big “nation meeting” or whatever in the heck was supposed to happen today? I ask because I don’t want people to sit around and wait for the guru’s to pump it. Any info that we can get through a news source is grounding for all of us. All the best Uncs Go RV
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