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  1. Sounds like pumping the dealers !!!
  2. So if there is no liguidity in Iraq then how the heck is there 100million IQD in one place at one time ???
  3. Not a Pat's fan but one simple question is that if the league checked and found 11 of 12 balls under inflated my question would be, didn't both teams play with the same 11 under inflated balls ???
  4. Well it coincides with both the CBI and Forex being down at the same time if the CBI does not open and hold auctions on Saturday or Sunday again. It also allows them to go into EID on Monday shut down ! JMO
  5. So does ANYONE ask why they did this? In the past 4 1/2 years I have never seen the post ADVANCED auctions one day ahead of time. Then on Thursday they post 2 ADVANCED auctions for 2 and 3 days ahead of time !!!!!!!!! Makes me go HHHHmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm !!!
  6. Since when is thursday a religous holiday for them. EID starts on 7/28 in the evening and goes for 3 days ! What religous holiday is 7/24 ???
  7. Not sure that I agree 100% with many things the liberal media is spouting off. A local bank branch in a secure country like the USA would carry at the most $100,000 - $150,000 USD CASH. With that said for ISIS to steal $400,000,000 USD or $480,000,000,000 IQD there would have to be 4,000 banks in Mosul to be stolen from! They don't have that many banks branches in all of Iraq. Also, when Iraq invaded Kuwait they went after the OIL !!!! You want to make a statement you go after their bread and butter and so far they have not destroyed any oil fields.
  8. So the question is: when a guru uses the code of IQN or VNN are they really talking about a current currency or are they talking about a made up currency that keeps them from getting sued ? If you are talking about a non-existing currency that will revalue soon then is it real or a conspiracy theory and since you are talking about something that does not currently exist then how can you be responsible for false information given on these web sites?
  9. I've known this as a Modified Endowment Contract or a MEC ! You can also use a VUL Variable Universal Life contract that can keep it from becoming a MEC and save you taxes.
  10. $87,000 to 1 (25k note) would be $3.49 which would be more palatable. Could that be the case ?
  11. According to the UN Operational Rates website in August 2013 over 150 countries adjusted their rates and again in September 2013 100 countries of which most of them had already adjusted their rates in August. This was unprecedented !!! Call it revalue, reset and/or adjustment, it looks like they are making adjustments most of which were very minor but it did happen.
  12. The announcement has not been a readable translation yet ! The auctions are daily saturday through thursday and today they posted the auction and somehow they went "back to the future" and posted an auction for Oct 17,2013. How can that be ?
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