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  1. hdprescott

    Questions For Adam's Update 4-18-2018

    Hey Adam, do you know anything about Glint? I just got mine and was wondering if I could load it with ID. It’s an app you put on your phone that you use to switch what currency to use for debit purchases, you can even use gold apparently to make purchases. Just wondering what your take on it was. Thanks for all you do
  3. hdprescott

    Adam Montana weekly - October 15, 2014

    Annika, This is Adams site. If you don't like his opinions, you know where the door is. You think This investment has no political ties? WOW!
  4. hdprescott

    Maliki: stand by Christ

    NEW PM?
  5. hdprescott

    What Are You Buying When the RV Hits ?

    I feel your pain Brother!
  6. hdprescott

    New Laws in the Gazette 2-14-2014

    WOW! Anyway, Semper Fi!
  7. hdprescott

    New CBI Announcement 1/26/2014

    All I can read is, NO DATE!

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