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  1. Roger Do not plead your case with us, the buyers of Dinar. You will have your day court with a three agency. You constantly try to stay out if the mess you have contributed and developed. IMO it is no longer in your hands. The guru predictions may have sealed your fate. Go RV
  2. Guru Seeker has no intel and predicted outcomes on own... The five last posts from Seeker are all IMO. No links, no new intel, and not ability to provide value. Everything Seeker says is IMO... If this this goes bad we all can go after Seeker as he states his opinion. The GURUS are now being exposed and you will see many of them have nothing to add, but are inplace to pump and distract our time. Seeker you are caught... Stop speeding bogus intel. Go RV
  3. My link Stop... Do not send us on a wide chase.... Only a few central banks have GOV in their search link. Go RV
  4. Bluwolf you are caught... No longer believable... Go RV
  5. Bluwolf caught trying to jump pump in recent post: watch Wacovia the week and then ties in Wells Fargo.. Everyone knows Wells Fargo purchased Wacovia this year and that Wells Fargo also purchases and a foreign exchange company... Stop sending down rat whole with retuped in from months ago... Bluwolf also posts today about 3 tier payouts and no RV tax situation wrapped into debt bill... Really, nothing original and you never post a link to back up you posts. The Gurus are running out of intel, so they keep trying to trick or distract us... show us you know something!
  6. The holiday is big, but government must continue as they are undertaking a proposed reduction of ministers. I feel we are making to much out of the holiday... No better time to start the currency transition. No link Go RV
  7. Why is Blaino still copying other data and posting it... I thought he was called out as untrustworthily?? Go RV
  8. Roger has been changing and altering his image for the last 6 months to try to look like a good guy... What?? You are connected with the rest of the gurus that are going to be under the eye of the federal government. You have participated in everything that has been questionable. Go luck GO RV
  9. He is a pumper and always talks about lower demo amounts and is the owner of the currency vault and treasury vault. He was also at the resent guru meeting in Toledo... Just some facts.
  10. Citizens don't go to the site. Blaino has been identified as cutting and pasting others work. He also real ease the real name of a member helping supply data. Your personal information is not safe! Blaino no longer a "guru" now he is a membership collection company. Get no personal info! Go RV
  11. Keep the positive experiences coming... With all the twisted and negative news I need a w pick me ups! Go RV
  12. We all have questions... I was doing Internet search the last 2 weeks for webcams set up in Iraq to see if I could find any signs of change as the media is so quiet. I found no webcams set on the nation parks or reserves. I did find a post that states all cams are off as terrorists were using the cams to target politicians and large groupings of people. The reason you are seeing any specific news tied to anyone politician is for their safety at this time. The US is fully engage with IRAQ. We have troops and civilians on the ground pushing the process along. IMO the US were the ones that pu
  13. The US wants all countries to create democracy, single rulers are no longer in fashion.
  14. As the RV drags on the gurus will continually be exposed as not being creditable and known as creating bogus intel... Coping and posting data that pumps or draws in others. Once a guru has been exposed they are now a visible targets for liable legal actions. The fact that they are exposing the names of their member breeches confidential issue and could be legally exposed to legal action. Caution when signing up for member only site... Are you 100% protected, is your personal data safe?? The act of fraud is or deception is a crime.
  15. Yahoo answers... My link Interesting... My link Retry...
  16. The debt mostly has noting to do Iraq's situation, it was just the biggest thing we believed would push the process a long. We need to refocus back on Iraq. Only time will tell... Lets RV
  17. Did someone not pay their Internet bill...
  18. Blano Disappointed in you words about how you handled this and your message revealing the person's name. Are you going to do that every time a person makes a post? Maybe you should take a break from posting to let this clear up as your integrity is now called into question. Go RV
  19. I truly believe you are not pumping... Gave you a plus 1 Go RV
  20. Mr. O could have current voters move away from or sound against him if this RV goes terrible for the Dinar investors. There are over 3,000,000 + people that own dinar. We pray for Sunday to be great day for all. Let's go RV
  21. Welcome, more than just the investment you are going to learn more about governments and countries work together... Go RV
  22. Could joe be in the bunker. We still have not seen Chaney... Hahaha
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