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  1. Omg delta very trusted sources say the Iraqi tb stated cbi is ready and they released coins and lower denoms we should see this thing sun/mon. Oh boy okie and the crew just might have been right! Yipppppppppppeeeeeeeee
  2. Lol u guys not hype this is saying they are about to rv wowwwwwwwwwwww I am pumped their allocating budget funds which means opening their budget their going to correct the imbalance in the exchange rate lol oh guys this is they are saying the the budget and exchange rate don't match so change the rate oh yea!
  3. There was no cbi auction today I went back and check the history and there has always been auction during Ramadan unless it was a Friday or Saturday
  4. It's not believe me just go to wikipedia and type the word dinar and it's going to bring up the info for u! I think I am on to something o really do! Look checked another bahiran they use the dinar and their website is lol believe me it's not buddy
  5. I went to wikepedia and typed in dinar and give u all the regions in the middle east that use dinar. Not all banks in the middle east say central banks sum are classified as national banks. All the central banks are and all the national banks are www. The abb. Of the country .xx, but see Iraq is a central bank it has to be listed with the gov!
  6. Ok check this I was on wikipedia and noticed that all the middle east central banks that use the dinar their central banks websites are all the same besides Iraq . Ok look kwuait is Liybia is Jordan is Now Iraq is what's missing gov yes so this not the offical when we see the rate change I bet you 100 percent that it will be
  7. ok they adopeted the law but what law!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. it s on now they are taking their seats people lol oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i cant wait.
  9. here is the link for the UN meeting at 10am here we go folks its on and popping !
  10. I understand but I been a dinar holder for a very long time 7 years so I know what they can do but with the big un meeting today at 10am est and the un operational rates that has to be in today gets ur a little pump then other days! I just feel we are there ! Lol
  11. Ok I am not trying to get to happy but it's 7:23 am est and no currency auction update yet and they always have updated by 6 am est so just take a look but u know we dealing with Iraq good day folks!
  12. UN WEBCAST - LIVE he is saying some powere stuff here!
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