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  1. This Is An Important Update For All The Citizens of another Referral Program Announced!Citizens! We are pleased to announce a SALE ... with BENEFITS! All new citizens and their inviters can now receive a gift of 1000 IQD! We are moving ever closer to the "Post RV World" that the another environment was designed for, and I want to create a way for all our people, Citizens and Friends to Come Home... so, we have waived all setup fees and let our former Citizens and all our Friends join the Planet for the regular monthly Membership fee of just $6.99! (Less than 2 gallons of gas, less than a movie ticket, less than most meals in most restaurants.... lots less) BUT WAIT ... There's more! Enroll in membership at www.another NOW, during our Charter Member SALE... and get our www.another Starter Kit as our gift to you! You get: A vacation voucher worth up to $400.00 at vacation spots across the USA and Mexico, (no strings) A frame-able Document announcing your Citizenship of another site (hand signed) AND... the BEST for last.... a Real, spendable, GENUINE 1000 IQD Note.... all FREE as our gift to you. This Sale is Valid for New Members joining from July 27, 2011 through Midnight, August 1, 2011... or upon the announcement of the RV (the RV is the revaluation or increase in value of the new Iraqi Dinar) which ever comes first! ALREADY A CITIZEN MEMBER?... You can get in on this TOO! Here's how: Refer ANYONE to join another site with your personalized invitation link (found on the referrals page), and you will ALSO get the 1000 IQD note as our gift and thanks to you! To answer the next, obvious question... YES, You AND your referred friend BOTH can get the 1000 IQD note! Just follow the instructions. This SALE is for NEW Members joining the another web site following this announcement and any referring Citizen Member that refers a new member under the rules of this SALE! There is NO LIMIT on the number of referrals that any Citizen Member can make... and any new Citizen Member may, upon activation, refer others under this SALE! WOW, WHAT A DEAL! As a Citizen Member of www.another you can participate in any of our "Partner Programs" as well! We have introduced National Credit Federation just this week with special pricing available nowhere else that more than pays for your Planet Dinar Membership and then some with the savings! Check it out at but you MUST be a member to get the special pricing! This is ONLY the beginning... other sites offer "Intel" or some kind of gathering (for a fee.... Do YOU really want to attend a public gathering where you are KNOWN TO BE FRESHLY MADE WEALTHY? Think: "Target rich environment" for the badd guys!), or endless jabber and regurgitation of the same ole, same ole... endlessly! Be a part of the "Cutting Edge in the Dinar World!" www.another ... the leading Post RV benefits site for Dinarians everywhere! Blaino, endeavoring to enlighten, enhance and lift up the Citizen Members of... another Sincerely, Blaine Fogal another
  2. I'm trying to figure out where I need to sign up to get the email. My mom even got the email and I don't think she has a username on this site!
  3. You must have less than $1 million dinar...
  4. Forgive me for asking as I've been out of the country this past week. What new foreign currency law is happening?
  5. United States Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has arrived in Baghdad, his first trip to Iraq since taking over the Pentagon. The visit comes within days of Panetta, the former head of the CIA, saying that the U.S. is "within reach of strategically defeating al Qaeda." He made that statement on Saturday, shortly before landing in Afghanistan. "I think we have them on the run," he said. "I think now is the moment, now is the moment following what happened with bin Laden to put maximum pressure on them because I do believe that if we continue this effect that we really can cripple al Qaeda as a threat to this country." In Afghanistan, Panetta met with Afghan President Hamid Karzai and Gen. David Petraeus, currently head of the NATO International Security Assistance Force and U.S. forces in Afghanistan. Panetta was sworn in less than a month ago. Source:
  7. Maybe he meant 1USD = $25.54 us a little under $.04 per dinar....
  8. If Warka Bank said the holiday was the 28th and 29th, why would they have an auction today?
  9. First they put out an article stating that "deleting has nothing to do with the raising of the rate" then they get denied...... ...excuse me while my heart just starts beating an extra 40 pumps/minute
  10. Okie threw out a racial slur last week on the planet and instead of apologizing for it, he backed it up and said "I use it in my private conversation so what's the difference". It was explained by the mods of the Planet that Okie thinks he's higher than the rules they have set there
  11. What's crazy to me is that even with 20+ negative marks, this guy has a positive overall rating. Maybe he's been sharing some valuable information previously. (Just an observation)
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