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  1. Come on man, if there's anything less than an "F", that's what he gets from me, times 2. Without his handlers, Biden couldn't find his way out of a cardboard box.
  2. Moejoe


    Jimmy is now on my prayer list.
  3. Wow. And this, Ho, can probably vote, and maybe even reproduce. Awesome.
  4. Well, that shows just how deep the fraud roots go into the swamp. I would love to know just how much money it took to buy off the system and exactly where all the money came from. Interesting.
  5. You are so correct, you cannot understand it. I personally know a lot of liberals and not one of them can understand anything past the end of their nose. I live with one and see it every day. You guys should turn the cnn off once in a while and venture out into the real world a little more.
  6. The left has had plenty of time and money to fabricate any evidence they will need to impeach. If they went to all the trouble to steal a whole election, one little fake impeachment should be a breeze for them.
  7. Yes Sir! From day one, Mr. President.
  8. Yes, Texas Granny knows her Texas well. Around Paris all the way over the the Louisiana line is pretty country, and the rolling hills in the hill country is awesome too. I live between Marshall and Longview and wouldn't know how to live anywhere else. Gets pretty hot in the summer, but but it grows on you.
  9. What some AWESOME news this AM. THANK YOU Master Yota!! I think I see just a wee bit of light at the end of the tunnel now. Anyone else see that, or am I just still asleep?
  10. I'll agree with the part that she holds a key alright. But the key fits right into the ignition to the transport truck that will be bringing in all of the fake ballots to win the seats.
  11. I so hope that they put them all in jail over this. This is AWESOME!
  12. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOTA!!! And THANK YOU for all you do for us.
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