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  1. Thank You Yota. You are SO much appreciated. Ok, enough of the mushy stuff, get back to it.
  2. Thank You President Donald Trump for doing your very best to make our country what it should be, the very best. We know that it is taking a lot to do that with so many of the America hating lefties trying everything they can they can to bring our great Nation down to their level, but You keep on keeping on. I am sorry JG1 for some one trying to hijack your awesome thread. Thank You.
  3. Thank you Adam. And for the first time, I sure hope you are wrong. Have a great weekend.
  4. Thank you for that uplifting story. We all wish you the very best in your therapy, and we also hope your yes, turns into a "YES" for us all.
  5. The worse part of it all is the fact that they have a well thought out plan to take over the world. The plan is that the US will be controlled by Muslims by 2050. They have been slowly and quietly moving in for years and our government has allowed it. Oh, they are just sweet little peace loving people that just want to live here and be a part of the community. BS!! Thanks to the snowflakes, they will take over without firing a shot if we don't wake up. Hard to believe what this great country is coming to. I am 65 and won't have to worry so much about it, but Lord help my children and grandchildren.
  6. Moejoe

    True Story

    Awesome story Pitcher. Thank you.
  7. Has there been any progress or any news at all on the HCL lately that you can confirm? Thank you .
  8. Means they haven't RV'd yet.
  9. Well, it's ok with me if you keep it short and know... something to the effect of" They just RV'd, on my way to the bank." hehehe
  10. {What's all the excitement about?} Well, it's about......well.....we don't know yet, but it's exiting anyways. Just be exited like we are and be happy about it.
  11. Maybe we should talked to Google a long time ago about reevaluating the dinar instead of CBI. This could have been a done deal years ago. Come on Google, do I hear $1.00 to .50 dinar??
  12. Congratulations!! A most wonderful blessing indeed.
  13. Yes, it is a very small world. Kent and I were best buds in about the fifth grade. He still lives here in town. Awesome story. Thanks Markinsa for sharing that.
  14. That's fuuuuny stuff !!! Thank you.
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