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  1. Agree engine1. I’m from the UK so don’t even know who they’re on about !! Please keep to dinar chat only
  2. Hi, Malc, I too am from the UK (north west England) and have no idea what to do when hopefully the dinar RV's. I have been in this since 2004 and don't know anyone else who has dinar and I don't have a great deal (less than 1 million). This is certainly the nearest I think we have ever been to this thing popping !! If there are many more of us from the UK here it would be great if we could get some advice about 'cashing in' when the time comes.
  3. This looks great but what I cannot get out of my mind is the fact that the Iranian Rial is 0.000030 to the dollar, (much lower than the Iraqi dinar). Will this make a big difference if they start trading etc ?
  4. Trump is in the UK at the moment - so perhaps he is on his way to Iraq !!!
  5. many thanks for the reply Paperboy - think I will join if it will be beneficial for me
  6. I live in the UK and don't know whether joining the VIP group would benefit me at all. Would love to hear what Adam thinks about it.
  7. I cannot believe all the things that Abadi has achieved in the short time he has been in office. All the time that Malaki was at the top all he did was sack people or jail them (Shabibi) especially !!
  8. thanks yota - there certainly are exciting things happening lately. More has happened with this dinar ride in the last couple of weeks than has happened in all the 10 years I have been on this ride !!!
  9. agree - its great news, and will be interesting to see what Adam says in his chat tomorrow - things are hotting up !!!
  10. wow, this company's head office is just down the road from me in the UK !!
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