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  1. Man why did this have to come from Steve?? Do you guys really think they said they will be using the new dinar rate on TV or in the papers? Not reliable at all...
  2. Nope dont buy it. How could this be possible? You mean you can pick and choose who you accept your currency from? This is a countrys currency. The decisions you make affect everyone and you can NOT pick and choose. I have always said when it gets close you will start to hear all kinds of really bad rumors to get you to cash in your dinars..
  3. Well said legalized cooks is what I like to call them. Dont forget to pay your taxes. A complete waste of hard earn money. Think i might get that on t shirt
  4. I was in the military and know exactly what that means. " He is an idiot"
  5. I know. When I was young I accidently saw my grandmother naked and for the longest time, always thought she had 4 arms
  6. He better dumb it down for the dummies who believe anything this fraud is spewing. He is a absolute joke. J904 let me know. Would love to make that trip
  7. He is getting closer to blaming aliens for the holdup. Watch you heard it here first. Also here is another accurate predication for you. As soon as this thing rvs dumb and dumber will be the first to tell you "told you".
  8. This clown need to head over to Juarez when his term ends. What a pitiful excuse for a public servant.
  9. CBI is wanting to get the 3 zero notes off the street which they have managed to do in the curreny auctions but also want to get the notes back from all over the world. They want those notes back. They were never meant to be used by anyone, only bank to bank transactions. However the demand was so huge they didnt have a choice but to print them and put them out. Now they want them back. How do you go about this? Thats the million dollar question. No one really knows for sure. They want the big notes off the street in Iraq and can do that by having the locals go into any bank and trade them in
  10. 10 cents and I would be thrilled....
  11. aliens will be blamed next for holding up this rv watch....all you Okie readers that are here take this back to the grand pooba. he has my permission to use it as poor thing has blamed most everything and everyone else for the delay. I'm sure his flock are getting restless for more garbage..
  12. I for one hopes like h&^% it doesn't lop and after reading many articles out of Iraq on how proud they are of their currency and how they want it to be the worlds currency one day, lopping it will put a serious hamper on that. Therefore, I really don't THINK it will. But the problem is, no ONE and I mean again NO ONE knows exactly what they have in store for their currency. This site allows people to submit many views on what could be the outcome and thats why I have been a member for as long as I have. If you dont like people discussing the currency possible lopping , then please go and d
  13. Ohhh i keep forgetting bulldog is one of okies clowns
  14. Makes sense but he will be banned shortly for explaining something so well thought out over there. Yep the wizard wont like that
  15. Now that might be the funniest thing i have ever read here
  16. can ya tell me just what has he ever confirmed since he started spewing this garbage??????? all I ever read about these idiots is about confirming stuff. you mean confirming a lie? ohhh my bad. I get it now...sorry.
  17. no I gave you a plus for bringing over the funny know steve is probably mad for getting this kool-aid over here.
  18. geez...when is all going to stop? These idiots are getting too dangerous for their own good. Ohh my......
  19. sounds like a good time to me...wifes never been. good time as any to get away..
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