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  1. Just a thought or two........ Didn't the powers that be in the Arab summit discuss the possibility of restarting the plans for a united Arab currency? If this is back on the table, and there will be a new "Arab" currency, Iraq wouldn't want to spend the money coming out with a new currency now, just to have it cast aside soon with the new Arab currency. For all the Arab countries to join this united currency, their currency has to revalue gradually up to meet the others. All the countries that take part would need to have approximately the same value at the time of the currency replacement. The news that they are dropping the plans for their new currency dropping the zeros is VERY GOOD. If it is a definite plan to have a unified Arab currency, we will be there for the ride!
  2. This is a good thing! If the plans are back on for a unified Arab currency!!!!!!!! Before they can unify the currencies, all the currencies have to be equal in value. The IQD would have to raise quite a bit to even be in the ballpark. This would be done in stages. So don't cash out all your dinar on the first stage!!!
  3. Come on Iraq... educate your people to not buy expired food.. If the stores can't sell it, they will quit buying it. The key to progress is in education!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. IMO Saleh usually says too much. So be on the lookout for some smoke and mirrors to contradict this article in the next few days. GREAT Article........... Goooooo RVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV
  5. From my memory, it has been stated that Phase 1 has been completed and we are "in" Phase 2 (whatever that is). Also, we need to remember that they talk somewhat backwards to us so I belileve that when they say the dinar will equal the dollar after the deletion of the zeros, that they mean, the deletion of the zero's will "cause" the dinar to be equal to the dollar. (IMHO). It has also been stated that this "phase" or project will be completed by 2013 (not begin in 2013). I love articles like this and I feel we are very very close!
  6. Hmmm........ I think this just shows that Ron Paul is much smarter than the rest of them. Don't we want someone SMART in office? We need someone that is able to stand up to the rest.
  7. Read the first line again.... "the emergence of the phenomenon of fraud and money laundering coinciding with the implementation of the project to delete the zeros" So according to this guy, the project is, or is very very close, to being implemented as we speak! Of course we all know how long it takes them to get things going.
  8. Hmmmmmm, what would the World Bank have to do with transportation? I think they are there for a different reason. I would think Italy could handle it's own projects.
  9. I don't think I have ever seen a photograph of an Iraqi smiling... maybe they don't have smile muscles
  10. So, if they got a one year extension, that would take it to June 2012.......... that's the same time when the UN is supposed to vote on their release from Chapter 7 again.
  11. I could swear I read this exact articles months and months ago.... They are just recycling old articles. Why?????????????
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