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  1. lol they litterally have over 200,000 people writing to their state senators about an RV.
  2. You're absolutely right, but the question is what's the value of the currency because of it? If you have nothing to lift Iraq's economy then the currency will be worthless.
  3. At this point, I'm not hearing anything out of DC. I will share as I receive information but without anything I can post for others to read, it wouldn't really hold to much. Thank you, absolutely
  4. If you move money into Iraq without anything to back it, you still have just currency with no value. You can't back currency with currency. You need something tangible with great value backing it. In other words, you cannot back and RV with currency. That's just money law
  5. There are 2 articles that surfaced today witch (in my opinion) confirms why the IQD has not RV'd as of yet. Any currency is just what it is if it doesn't have anything supporting it. The word "Currency" means current. To be current, it has to stay moving as flow. This is why the USD has no value today. Because it's no longer money, it's money has became currency since the Nixon Administration took it off the gold standard in the early 1970s. The ERISA Act was created because people could no longer retire and their employer take care of them. The ERISA Act is the reason why we have 401K today, making you accountable for contributing to your own retirement. Here's info on ERISA: Now let's look at the IQD. Nothing is backing the currency right now. Even if the economy was backing it, it would not be worth anything still because the economy has declined and is not up to standard to move the currency value upward. No economy increase, no RV. The Iraq economy will not incline without production of oil and the growth of private businesses. Of course there are other things that needs to be passed first such as the HCL Law etc which we'll see how that starts out on the 19th. But regardless what's voted on, keep your eye on not just the meetings but the incline of the economy itself because then and only then will we see the incline in the IQD Exchange rate. So here's two articles which leads to my speculation. Developing Iraq’s economy requires revitalizing private sector, businessmen UN Rep Kubler: Development of private sector in Iraq, a common goal for the Iraqi government and the UN So for those who are claiming an over night RV at 3,4,5 dollars is Hog squash (In My Opinion). Don't get me wrong, I would love a high rate but being honest, I don't see that happening for a while. So sit back and hold tight my fellow dinarians. We will be in the right place soon. If that's called a free float then oh well, I wouldn't think negative about a float either because it could be a very fast float. Who knows? Time will tell. Much Love
  6. lol come on now! Don't insult the person. I agree though, this does sound good.
  7. The head of the Department of Banking and Finance Ministry Hilal Taan diminishing quantities of central bank reserves of gold does not affect the price of the local currency. He said in a statement to the National Iraqi News / Nina / today: “The basket cash reserve covering currencies do not include the gold only, but depend on the dollar and the pound sterling and the euro, in addition to gold bullion.” He said: “The Iraqi dinar has been a week before the beginning of the deal by one of the sites of the U.S. because of the high currency reserves to more than $ 67 billion is evidence that the Iraqi currency backed by a strong balance can not be influenced by declining gold bullion.” He pointed out that “the dinar traded in global financial directory sites on the recovery of the currency and that there is a future for the Iraqi dinar and would soon return to what it was before 1980 because of the global demand in the global financial markets.” The Iraqi Central Bank denied reports by the media about the low reserves of gold, stressing that it saw stable over the past several months. He said in a statement yesterday he was “no truth to the news reported by some media on the low bank reserves of gold,” stressing that the reserves now total 29.790 tons. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) revealed in a report last week, said Iraq cut its gold reserves by a quarter to reach 29.9 tonnes in November 2012, pointing out that the reserves in September and October of last year reached 39.4 tons. Link
  8. Economist: Value of IQD in decline since Shabibi’s ouster; Expect USD supplies to increase if GOI keeps policy Posted: January 31, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics Tags: Central bank, Central Bank of Iraq, Currency, Economy of Iraq, exchange rate, Iraq, iraqi, Iraqi dinar On: Wednesday 01/30/2013 07:46 pm Iraqi economic expert said, “The current monetary policy pursued by the Central Bank of Iraq has led to a reduction in the value of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar, compared to what it was before the issuance of an arrest warrant former central bank governor Sinan al-Shabibi. And between economic expert, who declined to be named “The Iraqi dinar exchange rate before Fabricating a crisis the Central Bank arrived in price below its current price, stressing” that the bank could not maintain the value of its price old despite raising dollar sales even arrived last Sunday to about $ 220 million, compared with sales ranging between 175 – 200 million dollars before the decision to change Shabibi. And linking Iraqi expert among central bank sales and the amount of funds needed by the State to cover its operating budget from the salaries and financial obligations, and said that Iraq was able raise the value of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate 1187 dinars to the dollar if they are not to interfere in the management of the value of the Iraqi currency , but the government policy blundering and is an expert approved by the Iraqi market mainly on imports from abroad prevented raise the value of the Iraqi currency, especially if the dinar remained stalled at the rate of 1230 dinars to the dollar, he said, adding that this increase cost the Iraqi economy huge losses worth hundreds of millions of dollars a year. He asked an economist why Fabricating crisis Shabibi, who was accused of corruption, while continue the central bank to follow the policies in the sale of foreign currency? Expected to have the central bank to raise the value of the supply of the dollar against the continuing decline in the value of the Iraqi dinar in the case of the government’s refusal to obey to the wise management dinar exchange rate in the near term and medium term.
  9. Not a bad rate at all. I'm still sticking to my range between $1.13 and $2.47
  10. Who haven't been proven wrong every single day?
  11. The Ad mentions dinar but once you click on the Ad and subscribe to it, you'll find that Dinar is not even mentioned. SMH lol
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