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  1. Deborah Layne - Blue Horseshoe from Uvalde here - Do you know any banks that would help us out? I have a connection in The Bank of San Antonio but they may be too small for this and will have to go through a clearing house. There are a few of us in this area. Please let me know - thanks!!!
  2. YYeah - and let's trust the unions and all of their legal dealing with politicians and their own people...
  3. Thats only half the problem - Iraqis do not use banks the way we use banks. They know their system is and has been corrupt for decades. The banks, as a whole are very untrustworthy. The Iraqis like to keep their cash with them, or should I say dollars. We need them to de-dollarize, then have them use their own currency and trust their own banks. I believe that is what Shabbibi is trying to do....
  4. Not trying to be rude, but almost every international transaction is seen, watched, and monitored by the fed. There is no comparison between the fed and the CBI. They are modeled after the fed, just smaller. When you buy a BMW, do you think USD is sent to Deutche Bnak in Germany? No, marks are sent and watched and monitored by the fed through a clearing house bank. Again, not trying to be rude, but do you really think the CBi is going to sit on the sideline while smaller banks screw up what has taken years to plan??? Yeah, no they are not...
  5. The banking sector in Iraq does not have to worry about the trillions of USD. That is the CBI' s issue and they are more than ready.
  6. This is about the fifth senator who repsonded with a cookie cutter letter that is almost verbatim. They have absolutely no clue!!! And like they are going to tell us!!!
  7. Dear Wiley- I will buy your 3 million this Sunday. Email me at Let me know ASAP so I can make arrangements. Blue horseshoe
  8. Somehow I have gotten emails from David and US Dinar. He would tell me how important it is for me to invest with him. He had a few videos as well.
  9. And what does this have to do with the price of eggs in China???
  10. If you come to Uvalde, I will buy them cash. You get your money and I can see the dinars. You let me know. I will keep looking at this thread... Blue Horseshoe
  11. Excellent article - Thanks for putting it all together...
  12. Good news Bad news - Good news - they are gone and no more nonsense "chats" Bad news - some of their followers may come here and start up their "chats" I have had all the entertainment out of them that I want...
  13. You are more than welcome... Blue Horseshoe
  14. Nothing to shoot you down for, you make a good observation for a debate. But - you knew that was coming - could it be a higher rate? Will it be? No. Why? It makes good common business sense to start as close to the dollar as possible. Adam thinks it will come in much lower from .10-.35. I don't think that -- I think it will come in close to the dollar. Why? Because Iraq is still in the dollarization mode. The country still needs to be sterilized from the dollar to the dinar. That may take a while. Until then, it would make good business sense to stay as close to the dollar as possible becaus
  15. Check with the Yankees website and pull up 1952. They should give you a roster. Great ball. Too bad it is faded, could have been worth a lot more, but depending where you got it, that is an heirloom, never too be sold. Some great immortal names on that ball. Blue Horseshoe Just looked it up and everyone who played on the Yankees that year is there. Thanks - that was fun. Brought back a lot of memories. Born and raised on Long Island and a life long Yankees fan!!!
  16. which two of the three you mentioned are currently tradable? which one of the three is not currently tradable??? rate means nothing...
  17. BS BS BS - that is all that is. A very long winded, esoteric, around the block way of saying stick with the usual crappy investment that go through us and do not deviate from the norm. Yada Yada Yada...
  18. People, come on... Every bank out there will be your best friend when the RV happens. There is no way they are going to turn away bsiness. But personally, I will go to a bank that supports me now, before the RV. Then after the RV, I will support them. Relax, all banks will gladly see you wlak through the front door. They will be your best friend...
  19. Times Square is mid-town by 42nd Street and the Stock Exchange is down by Battery Park. A long way off from each other. You aren't going to walk it and you don't want to pay a taxi ride to do it. So where is it? Mid-town or down town???
  20. Whne it gets on Forex, they will have everything set up in one day - you just watch. These banks are not stupid. But what I will say is this - if they do not support it now, then you should not support them when it does come online... Blue Horseshoe
  21. My question is - once this process begins, must it follow the course or can you stop it? What I mean is what if the auctions start going up for whatever reason... does this mean this process has stoppped. We have seen the auctions low, albeit not this low. So, can the process stop and go or once it starts, it must follow through???
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