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  1. I did the same thing - waited a yr to start and then dropped out for a good paying job. Then later in life found myself limited to promotions due to lack of college - this won't happen with my daughter. I never posted for someones opinion - just wanted to sell some dinar in tough times. Money is tight and I am little short on funds - but room/board/books/ are all paid for.....needed a little more for this and that. I know the RV shall happen someday and intend to buy more later - but for now I'd rather sell and take a break from this site (even though I don't post much). I have 2.5 M of d
  2. bump -- couple of buyers have not come through - still need to sell 3M dinar for 3100 - I can email pics of the notes and Dinar Trade certificate. My baby needs new shoes and books......
  3. OK - at least I waited a while - need to sell up to 3M dinar - prefer to meet around Corpus/Rockport/Victoria/Alice areas - need to sell this week
  4. In view of some of the recent rumors we will wait a couple of more days - I will contact those you that have offered to purchase just as soon we make our final determination.
  5. Why does our prez whine...... simply wants to spin everything and extend debt onto the next president to fix.........
  6. Thank you everyone for your support and offers to purchase. I will discuss (clear with my wife) Thursday night and should no RV occur by Friday - I'll be contacting some you to purchase my dinar. Thanks again for everyone's support.
  7. I appreciate your support - Yes, I did take out PLUS loans for her college. Just trying to keep everyone current and may be able to buy more dinar in 60 days or so (if it doesn't RV before then). I've read every friggin line in these forums for about a year - Holloween, thanksgiving, dec 1st, jan 1st, march, easter......etc. Just kinda lost my faith in the soon part - I do believe it shall RV but simply don't know if it's within 10 weeks or 10 yrs.
  8. I bought 3M dinar from Ali in Oct of last year all are new 250k notes with the papers he sent me. I am in very rough straights or I would not consider selling - this is an immediate need issue. Asking 1100 per M or 3100 for 3M. I'm in Corpus Christi Texas and would prefer to met in person most likely at a bank to complete the transaction. Although I read these posts everyday - I never yes, I'm a newbie but not a pumper or scammer. I have another avenue that may preclude this that could allow me to keep my dinar - but need a good plan B (to sell my Dinar this Friday/Saturday). T
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