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  1. I'll bet some of them get higher cuts for reserve, or layaway sales. They are good. They have women and men and all the ethnic bases covered to drive results. Sometimes you can tell what they were told to "move" that week, especially the reserves. Their credentials? MLM, Pyramid pros in my opinion. Most of them even admit it it their conference calls. MLM, Pyramid these days have ONE common goal; DRIVE VOLUME through your code to buy product. These guys are good and most have worked together in the past and broke away from the original group just like the MLM schemes.
  2. I once listened to a "Harvard Business School" Multi Level guru about the next best business model company at a seminar in a fancy hotel boardroom. Turns out this Guru paid $5,500 and went to a weekend Harvard 8 hour course in marketing and had every one believing his business model was the next great Donald Trump paradigm.... these pumpers are playing the same game.
  3. MBA from Kellogg. I'm just an idiot I guess... And a Trader for HSBC, I'm just a rock compared to you cambyman...
  4. Every time you go through a Site to order Dinar, you are a victim of their marketing sceme!. Go direct! Drive them out of business as they are experienced MULTILEVEL MARKETERS who only care about one thing: DRIVE YOU TO THEIR SITES, ORDER THROUGH THEM, AND MAKE THEIR CUT! They will say and do ANYTHING to drive you to to buy. Some play the hard sale soft sale guys, but they are playing you! THIS IS HOW THEY MAKE THEIR MONEY! GO DIRECT!
  5. EVery Time you order Dinar through them, you ring a bell of $$$$$ for them. The ONLY thing they care about is making that Dinar Order Bell ring on a daily basis. They drum up frienzy and watch their sales go up! They will all say anything to keep the flames burning! GO DIRECT!
  6. These Pumpers are nothing but PROFESSIONAL MULTI LEVEL/PYRAMID SCEME Marketers. They say anything PURE POSITIVE each week to get you to go to their websites and DRIVE Dinar Sales. THE WAY TO WIN IS TO GO DIRECT to order morw Dinar, and not give them their traffic cut for Dinar sales through their sites. GO DIRECT IF YOU WANT TO BUY! These are old AMWAY, IDN, and FHTM PYRAMID SCEME MARKETERS AT THEIR FINEST!
  7. Every day I think to myself as I work one task after this going to be my last real day on the job ;-)......I like that feeling, I usually give it a little extra knowing it just might be...
  8. That's a good one! here's another! A Man sped away from a DPS Trooper when he was caught speeding in his 911 Carrera. Finally he slowed down and let the Trooper pull him over. When the Trooper walked up and asked why he took off when he ran his lights he stated "My wife left me last week for a State Trooper and I thought you were trying to bring her back to me". The officer laughed so hard he let the man go without a ticket...
  9. Something may be up with DB! I have a feeling...
  10. I work with Wells. These Private Bankers have to get a quota of 8 appointments per day! I'll just leave it at that ;-)
  11. Rich Queen. What are you're credentials? School, work experience, etc...Just curious for credibility issues.
  12. Did you hear when Dave Ramsey once said: " Yea, get some gold and silver and hide it in your home for hard times, just like it helped those people after Katrina hit Louisianna. That bag of gold and silver really gave them bargaining power when times got tough" ;-)
  13. I can't get in. Anyone else?
  14. Happy Vegas.... I live a few homes away from Pastor Hagee. He is my Pastor as well. The man knows his stuff and I love his delivery. It grows on you after a while. I need it weekly to keep me in line!
  15. I apologize. Sorry to those offended. Sometimes I can be crass. I thought everyone knew how to find Dinar Banker, and to ask for a link was just.....well.....sounded like some smart arse kid was calling me out. Just go to the website. Yes, along with the Headline change they are also pushing $5,000 demons. This is pretty major in my opinion.
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