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  1. Is why in the world people hang onto hope year after year actually believing that this stuff is going to revalue and make them rich. I admit years ago I fell for the hype and bought some dinar while working in Kuwait, but after a few months of research and learning quite a bit about economics I soon realized just how ridiculous the idea of an overnight revalue is. I did keep some but sold most of it and made a profit that way. The remainder I am keeping for the long slow real revalue of maybe a few percent per year.
  2. No...I don't think so....he made his money by screwing over the average American, the last thing we need as a president is him screwing us over....besides he has really inflammatory foreign policy....he wanted to "take all of Iraq's oil" as a cost for invading, can you imagine the amount of hate we would get from them? No he would be an absolute disaster, businesses can afford to be ruthless, countries can't
  3. Gingrich? Seriously? Do you not remember the whole ethics mess he was in? Ethics aside though Newt is the man who recieved a 1.5 million dollar check from Freddy Mac...remember them? They were the ones that caused this whole economic recession, he constantly flip flops depending on which way the money is flowing he is a horrible choice....the ONLY decent stance he has(at least for this week) is he is somewhat for stricter fed controls Bradybear...the candidate you are looking for then is Ron Paul, there is no more fiscally conservative republican anywhere...they call him Dr. No for
  4. I agree with a couple exceptions, I do however want to point out that what they call "free trade" is anything but free trade...they are preferential trading agreements with certain countries...what we need is true free trade with ALL countries...this means NO sanctions on ANY country for ANY reason, no import/export taxes etc Tariffs help no one, we need to actually PRODUCE goods, if we do we will have no problem selling them to the rest of the world...just imagine how much more commerce we would have with NO Tariffs...its true that imports would be cheaper....but this will help us as long as
  5. Why not? We have done everything possible to rebuild Iraq, barring Afghanistan there is nowhere else we cant just pull out for Afghanistan, we are doing no good there...its impossible to win a guerrilla war, that is the reason the american revolution was a success in the first place. Do you think its better to keep spending American lives for nothing? What do you hope to accomplish? Terrorism is a crime, are we going to have a war on crime next? I'll bet its just as effective as the war on drugs...what a joke. People are now starting to make war noises at this what you want?
  6. You know...I used to be for laws like this...but now I see it as an infringement on civil liberties...this isnt about the immigrants, its about the citizens that could be mistaken for immigrants...if you dont know what I mean, just you tube some"open carry" videos...these are people openly carrying a firearm, which is a 2nd amendment right....I think these guys do it more to provoke police than anything else, but the point is the police invariably ask to see their ID...which is an infringement of rights, if you are abiding by the law while carrying a non-concealed weapon they don't have the ri
  7. P.S. As far as personal accountability there is NO candidate with more than he has, he ALWAYS votes following the constitution, if the constitution does not specifically allow him the authorization to vote for a law, he votes against it, none of his campaign contributions come from big business at all, its all supporters...and another interesting fact for contributions from active duty military to his campaign... $35000...twice as much as Obama(the commander in chief no less) at $ for the other candidates, active duty military contributed between a low of $0 and a high of
  8. I have to disagree, I think Ron Paul's non-interventionist(not isolationist) foreign policy is EXACTLY what we need. Why in the world is Iran a threat to us if they have a nuke? Please explain this....they dont even have one yet, but even if they did there is NO WAY they can match the 50000 nukes we think they would risk bombing Israel and being wiped off the map? No, Ahmenijad(spelling?) may be evil, but he is not crazy....Israel would wipe them off the map even without US support. The fact is Pakistan already has nukes, and they aren't friendly to the US or Israel. Also, the ENTIR
  9. Just wondering....I look around and see an economy in the final stages of a major audit of the FED reveals they loaned out 15 trillion dollars...I am actually starting to be concerned enough I have been thinking about starting to hoard food and supplies...I'm serious...its coming, the dollar is practically look at $3.30 gas prices and you think the cost of gas is going up...but I no longer believe its true, it finally hit me the other day when I walked into a grocery store and looked at a display where you can buy candy by the pound...brachs candy, you know the stu
  10. It has been sold locally as of yesterday, thanks for all the interest though, I'll let you guys know if I decide to sell more.
  11. what you see now is wasnt always that way...5000 years ago it was very fertile land....lush with vegetation...evidently there was an "event" around 2300 BC that changed the climate in that part of the world....a meteorite or something...check out the dry riverbeds in that part of the world...topographical maps with dry riverbeds show how completely different it used to else to you think that part of the world is referred to as the cradle of civilization?
  12. my email is you cant contact me there....will also give you my phone number when you email me(just not going to post it up here)
  13. Wow, people are so retarded...the only thing affected my fukishima was agricultural goods...and I am willing to bet that if you took a reading of millirem or milliseiverts from the area just outside the plant that it is perfectly well within the "safe" range...and before you blast me for not knowing what I am talking about...I have worked in nuke plants before...they really arent that dangerous unless you are pregnant...people look at nuclear energy as black reality, it takes A LOT of radiation to adversely affect your health...the only reason the area around Fukishima was evacuated
  14. As it says I have 1 million I am selling at $950 in 25k notes, I have decided I want to sell some to fund my Warka account instead. I much prefer a local sale but I suppose I am willing to do a paypal deal as well.
  15. you gave me a neg for what is the most logical explanation? fine, you explain why they would waste money this way with either a RV or RD just 6 months down the road according to the latest articles
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