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  1. Please do not believe that cxxxxx especially newbies. It is an overly used pump trick that's been done before. Notice, that kind of info comes from someone who rarely posts. I truly believe when people stop buying dinar is when it will revalue. Simple economics. But if you people still want to get pumped in the xxx, I guess there's really nothing I can do about it.
  2. Frank should change his name to IMO26. That's how he gets away with all his BS with no proof. I heard he's going to buy a new microsuede blue couch with his pump money. IMO
  3. Will someone post a valid link? I have my phone and I'm by the pool.
  4. * Robertblewis (US Exchange companies who buy dinars): DV 7/2/11 4:45PM JULY 2ND, 2011 04:56 PM · POSTED IN RUMORS (DINAR REVALUATION) I called Currency Exchange International in Orlando and two people there told me that when the RV happens our dinars that we have will be worth the value of each dinar. As reported the CBI on video this not “A lop” it is just to free up zeros to help the citizens spend more. For example if you have 3 million dinars and the dinar is RV to 1.00 USD you will receive 3 miliion USD for your 3 million dinars. If you want to get the truth talk to companies like c
  5. Wow! Cool, thanks for the post and for being Texan!
  6. Dinar Trade, Inc. is no longer buying or selling currency at this time. After many years of service, Dinar Trade, Inc. has decided to take a temporary leave from the market. If there is a significant change in the value of the Iraqi Dinar (and/or the Vietnamese Dong), Dinar Trade, Inc. will reopen our offices for the active buying and selling of currencies. If you have placed an order with your payment by mail, kindly mail in your payment so that it is received no later than 5/16/11. If you have placed a large COD order (an order over 1.5 million Iraqi Dinars), kindly fax a copy of the cash
  7. So, I should have left this alone? I was supposed to be on the lake today but my girlfriend got sick so I'm taking care of her and scouring the Internet for info despite how far fetched. If you think I'm doing a disservice to my fellow dinar vets, I will hang it up for the day and hit the pool. Just trying to bring something positive after that nasty article.
  8. Believe me, I don't want credibility from people like you. This is a rumor. Last I checked this is a rumor forum. You should burn your dinar.
  9. *czinser (Minister Confirms RV): PTR 7/1/11 12:47PM JULY 2ND, 2011 01:25 PM · POSTED IN DOOZIES Hang in there….Not much longer now……Blessings,……CZ…. “Originators” signing final approval this morning!! Today at 11:55 am Hi, all, I’m making this large and bold so Okie can read it. It was because of a retired minister from my old church that I am here, and I receive regular email updates from him as he has some very good contacts here in the States and has had some great intel. I’ve never posted any of those emails because I consider them private, but I just got one this morning that ma
  10. It's on currency newshound. I tried to copy the link but it plugged in "another site".
  11. I hope your right. And wtf does easy's posts have to do with this article? Get a clue people! He's just sharing information and speculations of the possible RV.
  12. I was thinking it would be a good way to get people to sell thinking they have a whole year to buy more. Who knows?
  13. I guess that's what Parliament decided on today. So much for the RV already in the systems. Bunch of liars.
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